EBAY 2nd chance offer.

Aug 30, 2006
Today I received an email from the seller who offered me for a second chance offer. I'm not sure if its a scammed. This is what the email reads:

Good news! The following eBay item on which you placed a bid is again available for purchase at your last bid amount!
Item name: Genuine Chanel Beige Classic Double Flap Soulder bag
Item number: 150064302364

Second Chance Offer
Dear eBay member i have made you this Second Chance Offer because the high bidder was either unable to complete the transaction.
The selling of this item through Second Chance Offer is in compliance with eBay policy; you will be able to exchange feedback with me and will be eligible for all eBay services associated with a transaction,such as fraud protection eBay does not charge an Insertion Fee to send a Second Chance Offer.
Sellers pay only the Final Value Fee when the offer is accepted.
To purchase this item please e-mail directly at: xxx
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Do you think I should ignore it?


Mon for short
Mar 28, 2006
were you the underbidder?

Never accept any second chance offers without confirming with the seller first. I can't tell you how many people have emailed me asking if I've sent them a second chance offer when I haven't. eBayers who were like 3rd or 4th highest bidders even.:shrugs:
Aug 30, 2006
I am the underbidder. I'm actually the 3rd highest bidder. After reading what you just wrote , I completely looses confident in accepting the second offer. Ebay is indeed a scary trading place. Thank you again smoothoprter for your advice.
Aug 30, 2006
Opps! Sorry I had it in the wrong forum. Thanks Swanky mama for moving this to the ebay forum. Sorry my explanation wasn't detail enough. I received the message from my personal email acct. There's no messages in my ebay mailbox. I think this might be a scammed.