Ebay 2016 confirm account seller problem David Wenig fire security team

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  1. Why does ebay do everything in its power to make trouble for sellers? My account is the same account almost since ebay began & now I can't even revise my own listing because I keep getting confirm account - you're using a different computer. First of all it is not a different computer or a different IP and even if it is so what? I don't want to give ebay my cell phone or for that matter my phone number or answer any security questions and the customer service idiots who barely speak english are the last ones in the world i would ever trust with any personal information. Apparently they do this confirm account nonsense randomly and have been aggravating sellers and buyer who can't even pay for items or enter tracking information for years now. David Wenig should just fire the whole damn lot of them from the customer service jokers to the trust and security team - they should be focusing on the chinese junk sellers who lie, cheat and use amazon prime to ship their ebay stuff which they sell from amazon drop shippers and don't even have stock instead of bothering legitimate mom and pop sellers. I HATE ebay.
  2. It pops up for me every so often to give them a cellphone #. I just click "maybe later." What if I change my phone number and forget to tell them? Then I could be locked out forever.

    On one of my accounts, I have to log in two or three times a day even though I click the "stay logged in" button and have that set in my account.
  3. This happened to me all through yesterday when I was trying to revise some current listings and after 12 hours or so of the error message (which I've come across plenty of times before ) I had to call eBay to get them to sort it. I was very calm and matter of fact about it on the phone but the eBay rep apologised profusely and promised it would never happen to me again. LOL. :rolleyes:
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    No this is something different. I got those confirm cell phone too and what really pissed me off was they stole the number from when I called customer service (a useless effort on my part that left me more angry and frustrated then before I called them) and they had no business storing the number.

    Then I started getting security questions - yeah like I'm gonna give them any more personal info then they already had - those xxx

    Finally it was damned annoying I jtried hitting I don't have a cell and they just kept sending popups so then I just changed the cell number they were trying to get me to confirm to a number I totally made up and confirmed that.

    That stopped those popups but I still kept getting the damn security questions which I was about to makeup answers like - leave me alone, stop bothering me and screw you.

    NOW I try to revise a listing and then instead of submitting the revision I am getting these CONFIRM ACCOUNT popups where they want to text me or email me so I can confirm its me because they keep saying I am using a different computer - which I'm not - but even if I was so Fu***ing what? Who asked them to monitor what device or IP I use? Freaking creepy.

    So I just say screw you and sign out - I refuse to stay signed in since that allows them to track everything you do on the internet - that's why you HAVE to sign out.

    So every now and again I still get this random CONFIRM ACCOUNT and plus they are asking me to confirm who else is linked to my account - which is nobody is and even if there is - no freaking business of theirs and THEN they are asking to fill a security answer in when first of all - there is not even a security question showing and I never supplied them with any

    They are a freaking mess - if they prevent you from accessing your own account then you can't even monitor it and you'll never know if someone IS bidding or whatever on your account because EBAY won't let you see it

    Meanwhile these chinese sellers have a million different profiles - all of them selling stuff from the exact same distributor - with fake USA addresses and none of them even have stock.

    You buy something and they send it to you as a "gift" via amazon prime - what a joke. You order from an ebay seller and they get it from their business partner on amazon who is using a drop shipper - neither of them even have stock and amazon gives them free shipping and you get something you didn't even order from a seller you never bought from and it comes from amazon not ebay

    yet ebay is bothering me who had one freaking account for 20 years and maybe sells a few things a year from household clutter

    they are damn morons and I am about to send this posting to their new CEO by snail mail to their headquarters to show him what freaks he inherited and if I was him I'd fire the whole lot of them and start all over again.

    Meanwhile I'm not going to sell anything there anymore - again - last time they gave me a hard time with this confirm number bull**** it was 2 years before I bothered logging back in - during which time they're profits dropped like 40% so I guess I wasn't the only one - and screw them. I'll sell my books and junk household goods on facebook local swap and stick with Tradesy for everything else.

    Ebay is just Alibaba 2 and they won't do a thing to help themselves.
  5. When I set up my account, I lied about my birthday because I didn't want to give them more personal information than they needed. Then about a year ago, I called for help with a problem and they asked for my birthday to verify it was really my account, and I didn't know it! They let me deal on the account anyway so the security measure is useless.
  6. Oh of course -because you are a smart woman. Nobody should give their birthday or any personal info to these places. Or just make it up and keep a notebook with your made-up answers for each place you sign into.
    I actually asked those giggling CSR people if they were on drugs because everything seemed to throw them into hysterics and they thought THAT was funny. I wanted to know if someone without a telephone was allowed to have an Ebay account and of course you are so why are they chasing down people to confirm?
    Because they want to be able to sell the info to their third party advertisers and make money off it that's why and those so called trust and security people are spending too much time on confirming legitimate accounts so they have good data to sell - and no time going after those foreigners violating policy left and right having dozens of accounts selling junk from the same distributor who is backed by their communist government. Ebay was actually sued because their terms say you agree to let their third party business partners text and call you but there was a class action saying you can't do that when people are part of the National Do Not Disturb registry - you can't violate Federal law in your terms.
  7. Oh and then I had 2 virus emails sent to me suspiciously after ebay wanted to confirm my email when I turned in another seller who offered a 3 for 1 sale then just mailed 1 item and THAT came from Amazon with a "gift" receipt. So I turned them in to Ebay and to Amazon. It is a good thing that I have a great system that catches all these viruses and spy ware but I know plenty of people who order those 99 cent free shipping items from foreign sellers and then their systems are being invaded through email - spyware, malware, virus all from foreign accounts. Another reason I give an email I only use for ebay and then it is always scanned before I open it. That's why I was so fumed - I know full well there is a lot of bad business going on that they allow and encourage by these random spot checks on US accounts.
  8. I have been a member of eBay since 2005. I sell maybe 3 pieces a year so I'm a very occasional seller.. I listed an older wallet and it sold. My buyer sent me a message she could not checkout and there was some problem with my paypal account. So after investigating and not getting anywhere I finally called PayPal and was sent to eBay customer service. Turns out there is a problem with me having a different email account for each account. Since when?? Never been a problem before.. I believe eBay may have made me change my email account back in the day because my user name was in my email account name.. One of the things I find upsetting is the cs rep knew all my accounts. If eBay and PayPal are separate how does that happen?? Also I spent hours today trying to find a number to call eBay CS and was only able to access it through PayPal. Are they really trying to shed sellers by making it way too hard to finish a transaction? After spending 15 minutes on the phone with an EB CS rep, it was decided I would send an invoice via PayPal and get paid that way. Now eBay won't let us send our emails so I have to research how I'm going to get the invoice to my buyer without an email. All for a $20 sale! I have worked harder at this than I do at my job.. Thanks for allowing me to vent some frustration, it'll be a long time before I sell again...
  9. Can't you cancel the sale and relist the item once you correct the Paypal email address in your listing? Then have your buyer buy it again.
  10. We finally worked it out but no thanks to EBay.