ebay 20 cents offer?

  1. Does anyone know how often eBay has the 20c listing offer?
  2. every few months or so i think
  3. It's been awhile...they need to hurry up! lol I don't really care for the listing deals that they have been having.
  4. They do the 20cents listing every few months. Now they are reducing the final fee charges till early August since they know eBay sales is slow in summer. I bet their profit drops latey so they want to encourage more listings.
  5. I don't expect eBay to run a listing special until this "final value fee reduction" promotion has ended. I received a message today encouraging me to list. No way. Slashed fees are meaningless when merchandise isn't moving.:sad:
  6. The FVF sale is so useless. What does their savings add up to? Cents. It's Gross.