Ebay 04' Lilac starting $99

  1. The 04' Lilacs are endless. Heres another:roflmfao: Auction #6888629904 Good Luck!!:biggrin:
  2. Lol and they just keep on comin'!
  3. Are there still any PFers after this bag?
  4. Lol now I am not so sure :smile:
  5. this isnt the same one? again? no?

    (i'm getting tired of the 04 lilacs...)
  6. I dont know, but with all of these lilacs coming up, the next buyer is probably going to get a good deal:yes:
  7. Now I could definitely go for a good deal. Lilac or no lilac. I'd love it because of the deal :graucho:
  8. well, now there are bids...
    I'm recommending to those who want this bag to lay off the bidding!
    Wait until the very end.
  9. ohh, i want a 04'lilac!! if its a good deal~~hehe!!
  10. This is funny. Maybe I should start laying down bets in Vegas? :P
  11. What a joke..... ^^ yes Roo, you totally called it.
  12. whats the info on this bag, is it real? authentic? can i get the link pls.. thanks a bunch...oh I just saw the auction number.. thanks for the info.
  13. Whoa -- I love love love this color! And usually it goes for way over retail so I'm gonna wait and see what happens towards the end. Ooh -- how exciting!!!

    Sidenote: Why do we only ever see this color in the City size?
  14. no mirror, no tassels :sad:
  15. Question from a bbag newbie: how can you tell this is an 04? The auction says it's a new lilac.
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