ebates no longer has eluxury on their list

  1. ARG!!!! :mad: I just perused through my favorites list on ebates and eLuxury is "no longer with Ebates." THE HORROR! Anyone else notice this??
  2. how rude!
  3. OMG. WHY!?!?!?!?!!

    That was my main source of "income" for ebates!
  4. Oh Noooooo!
  5. Awe Man, I was finally going to take advantage of that!!!
  6. :censor: this is bad. BAD. :mad::rant::censor:

    i've saved hundreds (well, close) from ebates :crybaby:!
  7. OH NO!!!! That's terrible!!! That was the best incentive for me to get eluxury (plus the no tax too.)
  8. oh no...I plan on using elux for my next purchase..
  9. No! That is terrible news!:rant::censor::crybaby:
  10. what is ebates may I ask?.........lol sorry.......
  11. That is terrible. I guess I'll have to see if Mr. Rebates has Elux on their list of stores.
  12. Wow....I just used it last month; $34 was deposited in my account. What a shame!!!!
  13. Oooh, I didn't even know about those other two sites. Thanks for the tips! I'm still so disappointed with ebates. Oh well.