Ebates & ELuxury & Damier Azur

  1. Well, looks like eluxury isn't going to have what I want when the ebates cyber monday begins... :sad:
  2. What Is The Ebate?
  3. How do you use them at the same time? Could you elaborate? Thanks:p

  4. Ohh... how do you get Ebates and Mr. Rebates to work at the same time?
  5. Yes, but when do the exchange make sure its an exchange only. If you chose the option of speedy exchange where they place another order for the item you want, and they wait until they receive your item that your returning, ebates will not work!!! I exchanged a pair of UGG boots and they deducted my rebate!! ARGH!! :cursing:

  6. just sign on the both rebate accounts!

    when you do exchange, you might wanna do it on the phone...... i exchanged my bag and i still got to keep the rebate! :smile:
  7. I just ordered the damier 25!
  8. What's up with Cyber Monday? I've seen it being advertised on the web site but eBates is super SLOW right now and I can't SIGN ON!
  9. Sophia, how can I use ebates and mrrebates at the same time?

    Please acknowedge me...:confused1:
  10. ^^will it really work???
  11. Yea, how do you use it at the same time? Have you gotten rebates from both site with one transaction?

    I know with ebates there's a specific referral link that takes you to eluxury and that's how eluxury knows who referred you to their site. is mrrebates different?
  12. is the speedy azur available in elux?? how come i can't see it? :confused1:
  13. yes, if each links you, from which link do you order to insure you get both rebates? TIA:yes:
  14. fatwallet.com offers 4% rebate as well @ elux.