Ebano vs. Nero Large Veneeta Belly Bag

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  1. Hi! I am having a hard time deciding which color to get. I need help from people with more fashion sense than me!

    I wear both black and brown often. I have a black purse that I don't want to use anymore, but if I get the ebano bag, I can use my other for black outfits.

    Is it okay to wear an ebano bag with black tops and jeans or gray bottoms? I am not sure. Any advice would be appreciated!!!

  2. Absolutely:yes:
  3. agreed, i think ebano works with black and grey. it's so pretty and really showcases the weaving : )

    though i do love my nero veneta.
  4. In the new S/S 2011 thread, there is a lot of ebano with black and gray.
  5. Works in my closet!
  6. I like the combination of brown/black/grey. I actually have a sweater (fair isle cardigan) that is those colors.
  7. I wear my ebano with black.
    I love the contrast and feel it looks quite sharp!:smile:
  8. I like how ebano compliment most of the colours, and that's why I need to have one.

  9. Exactly! Ebano I look at more of a "need" then a want. lol
    I can't think of a color in my wardrobe where ebano doesn't look fantastic.

    I hope you try it.
  10. I was just going though this whole debate with myself a few weeks back, I love them both and could not decide, so I haven't purchased either at this point. Both are gorgeous and both go with everything. Good luck.
  11. Ebano looks great with black and grey and as a bonus works with summer colours too.