Ebano Veneta

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  1. Do all of you with ebano venetas feel like it goes okay with your black clothes? I wear black a lot, but I'm lusting after that rich chocolate color...
  2. I wear it with black clothes quite often and think it works just fine...but I don't know that I am the world's foremost fashion expert, either. My "in action" shot is on page 8 of that thread and I am wearing a black tee-shirt and dark jeans.
  3. I don't use a brown bag with an all-black outfit. I don't wear brown shoes with an all-black outfit. But I do wear black shoes with an brown outfit. And I could pair a brown bag with jeans and a black shirt. Just me. Am interested in hearing other's opinions on this. My friends and I have talked about this before.
  4. I don't use my ebano ball bag with black either as it looks pretty dull IMO but it's all a personal preference. I wear it with jeans, white t's, beige and other browns.
  5. I wear my ebano campana with black and I think it looks v.chic, you see the colour better. This is not a generalization re brown/black together, but I think bottega's ebano is fab.
  6. I have a ebano campana and I wear it with all black. I think it looks just fine.
  7. I don't have a ebano veneta but my friend got one, I think it looks good on anything.
  8. I definitely wear mine with all black - and anything else!
  9. Thanks! To me it looks like a wear with anything bag, but I'm sure that when I have one, I won't be able to put it down anyway! :smile:
  10. I LOVE ebano but with my black I usually find myself reaching for the noce. But, if you had to pick between the two colors, Ebano hands hands hands down!
  11. I wear my Ebano Campana with everything, even black, although I would probably reach for a different bag for an all black outfit-to give it a pop of color. I'm into a white bag with a black outfit, as of late! Anyway, the Ebano is such a deep, rich color, I think it's beautiful with anything.