Ebano Turnlock Clutch

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  1. Hi there,

    I have a kind of odd question, but advice would be appreciated. I really want to purchase the turnlock clutch in ebano. I would really rather buy it directly from BV, but they do not currently sell it in ebano, and are unsure yet if they will for fall / winter. It's possible, though. Neiman Marcus is the only retailer I have found that does have it in ebano. I would have to pay tax if purchased through NM, but not through BV, and I'd really rather wait until fall to buy it. However, I don't want to miss out on it, in case BV doesn't carry it for fall / winter. I'm just wondering if anyone has noticed if this clutch has been offered in ebano through BV in recent seasons?

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  3. If you sign up for NM emails they will give you 10% off your first purchase. Perhaps that 10% would make up the difference on the tax. Another option would be to wait for NM to have another gift card promo where they give a $$ gift card based on how much you spend.
  4. Thanks for letting me know about this! I signed up for emails and am waiting to get the code.
  5. Hope it works out for you with a gift card & it is nice to have the opton of buying
    it in a store like NM..

    Did you try Saks.com... think they still carry BV bags or maybe look a net-a-porter
  6. Unfortunately it is not offered in Ebano on Saks.com or Net-a-Porter. The 10% promotion also doesn't apply for BV. I'm too impatient to wait for a gift card, because I'm also not sure if it will still be available then, so I'm going to bite the bullet and just buy it!
  7. Did you check Bergdorf? Not sure if this will work for you ... I get charged sales tax for NM but not Bergdorf as there's no store in the state I live in.
  8. Yep, checked them also. Unfortunately they only sell it in Nero. Thanks, though.
  9. Rue la la have several clutches on their site, no Ebano, though
  10. Do post a reveal when it arrives.
  11. Will do! Actually, I think it's going to be delivered tomorrow, which is really exciting. Neiman Marcus in is very close to where I live (Seattle.)

    I feel better about the purchase after speaking with a BV SA today, who said this clutch wasn't on order in Ebano for Fall /Winter. It is supposed to come in grey, which would be lovely also, but the brown is more versatile for me.
  12. So, after all that I received the clutch today and I think I'm going to return it. It's absolutely gorgeous, but I just don't feel as in love with it in Ebano as I thought I would and for that price I have to be absolutely sure. Maybe it's because I just bought the Mini Messenger Bag in Ebano, which I could really also use a clutch. I think I'd prefer it in a different color, perhaps black or violet, if it ever showed up on the second hand market. So, I guess it's good I bought it from somewhere I can easily return it to! Anyways, thanks for the responses!
  13. I know what you mean. After the ebano mini messenger, I'm now scouting around for a small wallet or card holder to use with it. I originally wanted to get the latter in ebano or even nero but now I just want to have it in another color, preferably bright! A red or purple will be great!
  14. do you know someone that lives in a state where there is no NM
    if they ship to a state where there is NM there is no tax
    that is a law
    ultimately the double shipping will probably be the same as the tax but maybe not since you are in NY