Ebano Roma on Bluefly!

  1. remember shop337 for an additional 20% off!
  2. gorgeous! it is already gone though - someone was fast. anybody? ;)
  3. I just check Bluefly. It is still there!!!:tup:
  4. oh my fault - I clicked on it and it said it was gone! maybe a glitch in the system.
  5. i checked right after lara posted that it was gone and it was indeed gone, but the picture was still there (if you clicked on it you got a message that the item is not available). bluefly's website isn't the greatest.
  6. I was trying to use this code to order the brown woven cosmetic pouch...but the system said it's no longer valid. :sad:
  7. you can only use this code once per account so maybe you used it before? i used it just last week.
  8. I haven't used it before.....:crybaby:
  9. my bad -- try SHOP337 (all caps, no space)
  10. Just tried again...no luck :crybaby:
  11. weird -- i just tried it and it worked for me (i had to make sure i stopped myself before clicking "place order now"). even though you say you've never used this code before, try opening a new email with account (with yahoo or one of the websites) and try again.

    btw, we've gotten far afield from the original topic so feel free to pm me with any questions.
  12. Have you noticed that whenever Bluefly has a sale (e.g. extra percentage off for 1 day), some of the items dissappear? And they come back after the sale is done.
  13. They're prolly aware of vultures like us, who check in ever so often for good deals to swoop in, so they keep the good stuff every now and then when they've got specials going on :p
  14. uclaboi & everyone - Bluefly tip for my BV pals: Bookmark item you like, then when they have sale days and remove popular items, you can order via your bookmarked page (if still in stock). I've done it, it works!! ;)

    Just doing my part as a good little enabler! :supacool: