Ebano Club Stripe Montaigne?

  1. Has anyone happened to come across the ebano/noce Club Stripe Montaigne on sale anywhere recently? A friend of a friend is in desperate need of one. Thanks in advance to all you wonderful BV lovers around the world:smile:
  2. I'm pretty sure it was at Jomashop, no?


    Don't tell your friend that last week (well, until the 18th) it was an additional 40% off. The code was handbags30, I think (see previous thread for this) ... they might want to try it and see if it still works.
  3. Its actually out of stock in that colour at Jomashop, but thanks very much.
  4. I actually ordered it, but they sent me the red/coral stripe instead. It was inside a clear plastic bag that had a label for the correct Montaigne, but I guess they don't check these things before they send them.
  5. The red/coral one is also out of stock now :confused1:
  6. saw it at Bv in sg about 3 weeks ago.. the paragon outlet. but not on stock. price was about S$6000++