Ebano bags - how they might age?

  1. I don't know about the Veneta because I have the ball bag in ebano and I have it for more than 6 months now and use it a lot and it still looks brandnew but I really care for my bags and I don't know what the prevoius owner did do to this bag that the top looks so dark and crunched. IMO it's not normal!
  2. The thing that looks weird to me is the pic of the edging-one pic shows the corner of the bag, one shows the edging on the strap. It looks frayed, with white strings hanging out. Where are the strings coming from if the edging is leather? It almost looks on this bag like it's a vinyl material that is fraying it's woven backing.

    Is this for sure authentic? :confused1:
  3. Hmmm, obviously pictures may be misleading and I wouldn't want to pass judgement based on limited information. However, the inner curve of the bag, where the zipper is, looks bizarre and not normal. My first BV is a Veneta, 3 years or so and counting with no sagging/stretching like the listed item. I have a friend who's been buying Bottega a lot longer and none of her bags look like that.
  4. Thanks! Your responses make me feel much better.