EB work--which hardware?


Work in electric blue--which hardware?

  1. Giant gold hardware

  2. Giant silver hardware

  3. Regular hardware

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  1. Hello fellow EB lovers! I have a dilemma that I was hoping to get opinions on...I was in Barneys Copley in Boston yesterday and just about died when I saw the electric blue. I have decided that I want it in the work size, so I can put my laptop in it, but I can't decide which hardware I would want! I wear both silver and gold jewelry, so its really a question of preference...also I was thinking that I might be more likely to hang onto the RH as I get older? I am only 21 right now.

    Any thoughts are appreciated, especially pics if anyone has one! If it helps I am 5'3, 130ish pounds and would be carrying it around medical school for the next four years...lol, admissions might be sorry they accepted me if they go on looks alone! i will probably be the only one carrying one...but i am not about to give up my love for bags!

    for a stock update also at Barney's Copley:

    ---They had a LOT of sizes in the new moss/olive green color, silver hardware
    ---A lot of accessories, if you are looking for one you should call! I noticed particularly a couple of Jaunes left over from the fall, especially I remember a makeup case.
    --In EB: a backpack with rope ties, very chic for summer! i had never seen this style before. Also a City with GSH, which is probably still there as it was on hold until late last night...a brief, also EB, with absolutely great leather on it, the softest I have seen.
    --In the first: cream, black, sky blue, EB
    --in the day: the brown from fall 07, called tobacco maybe?
    --i am unsure of these so don't get too excited: days in magenta, EB; some other works that I can't remember.

    --other Bal bags as well, such as the new clutches with circular closures, ask me if you are interested and i might be able to remember!

    good luck shopping in ss08, everyone! :yahoo:
  2. STOCK UPDATE above, just to be clear!
  3. I went through this when I purchased my City a week or so ago.
    I wound up going with RH, and I think I made the right choice.
    HOWEVER....if I were to go out and purchase anything in EB right now - I would no doubt opt for GSH.
    They just belong together (IMHO)

    Happy shopping and looking forward to seeing pix!:flowers:
  4. i guess you really have to try them on.
    i purchased an EB with GSH at balny, then we i go and pick it up, i fell in love with the work with GGH, no doubt the silver brings out the blue a lot, but when you put the GSH and GGH side my side and compare, it seems the GGH brings out the blue even more so i exchanged it and now im SO happy with my decision.
    go tryy it for yourself! im sure either will be gorgeous!
  5. I love the EB with GSH.
  6. I voted RH on a Work because I think it may get really heavy with the GH. I myself have an EB with GGH City and think the colour combo is fantastic, but you will find that most ladies on here seem to prefer EB with SGH. I think the GGH makes it pop even more, but it's a very loud combo.

    I posted a thread on my EB GGH with lotsa pics a while ago, have a look. http://forum.purseblog.com/balenciaga/my-new-eb-ggh-city-lots-pics-mod-247416.html
  7. I bought the EB City with the RH, but I also love the EB with the GSH. You should just try them on and see them IRL and you will know which one you love best.
  8. couldn't agree more.:nuts:
  9. If I was 21, I would go for more hip style like GSH or GGH. Don't worry about when you get older, things may change then. Anyway, do they have EB RH in Brief or Work( I'm way older than 21)?
  10. GSH and EB are divine together!
  11. thanks for the advice, everyone!

    i know that i just talked to an SA at Bal NY and she said that every bag comes in every color and every hardware...so yes, i am sure they have anything in the RH. it's just a matter of finding it. good luck!
  12. oh and jzlyn, you just made me remember...there is a black envelope clutch with GGH at barneys copley in boston, if anyone is interested!
  13. If you want it to POP, SGH!!! But if you have to lug it around all stuffed, then RH is a better choice.
  14. I'm only 19, and I got the RH in both my cities, including my EB. I think the RH is a great combo with the EB--its already such a standout color, you don't need the GH to get you noticed! It's simple, and beautiful. I vote RH.
  15. I voted sgh, but the reg.hardware is more classy and if you want to sell
    it on E**y you will always get more.

    Go for what you prefer.....try them on.