EB Work or PT /sgh or ggh??


Would you choose work or PT with sgh or ggh?

  1. EB workbag sgh

  2. EB workbag ggh

  3. EB partime sgh

  4. EB partime ggh

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  1. Hi Ladies,:tup::okay:

    I really had a hard time to get into the PF last night, and I thought maybe
    because of the EB -that there was something going on -I thought maybe the
    PF got shut down because of too much excitment or something, but i am glad
    that a fellow Pf`er took the liberty and posted the first pic of the EB work sgh.

    Please share your thoughts of if you would get a sgh or ggh in the size of work
    or pt. ??
    Or maybe not at all, it`s ok, not everybody loves the blues.;)
    I think EB will look great on the daybag, which I was on the list, but I decided to
    get a workbag with sgh, since I missed out on the ocean workbag.

    I saw (not IRL) a pic of the ggh on the pt, but I don`t like the goldishness to it,
    blue and yellow makes it too" kitshee".

    But that`s my opinion.
    Thanks and I will keep you posted after I get my new workbag.:boxing:
  2. Hi J!
    I think your work sgh is TDF! I was up until 2 am last night and finally got to log on about 1am'ish :p So I posted your pic. I totally gave you the credit though :yes:

    I'll chat with you soon!!

  3. I started a poll on this beauty.
    When I received the pic from the SA at BalNY, I was almost blown
    away with the nice tone and leather of the work, I think when I get
    the bag it will look even more beautiful, according to Karenab, she said
    that the color is nothing like when you see it IRL a much darker blue,
    even darker than french blue, hope so.
    French blue was very nice I thought, but brighter blue, this EB must me
    Electric -a darker blue, so hard to capture the real color, since it
    seems to change in different light.
    It looses the electricity when you add any yellow to it.
    Tha`s why I chose sgh.
    Have fun!!
  4. :heart:
    :heart::heart:It`s ok, there it is, I was just so excited to be the first to post, but the
    pf did not let me in.:cursing:
  5. Keep Them Coming-vote Ladies!!!!!!!
  6. I have to say if you love the giant hardware get it in the part time because it comes with a shoulder strap and it will relief your shoulder some pain..

    I got the ocean with SGH and it is beautiful. Because of the work only fit on one shoulder, the weight of the GH hurts me too much after a whole day...

    Just my opinion... Which ever one you pick, I am sure will be great~!!
  7. I'd go for EB part time with SGH!!!
  8. yup, i too am waiting for the eb sgh pt. so that's my vote.
  9. I think a PT in it could look really nice actually.

    Good luck with whichever you choose!!
  10. eb work with gsh ~ but then again everything in eb will be :love: ~ can't wait to see your pics
  11. Any more votes coming in???
    I`d really love to see all of you vote.
  12. I hope I see some good pictures soon of this color. I personally like the silver hardware on the blue leather. Good luck with your decision!! Make sure you post lots of pics!!! :smile:
  13. I think the EB with the SGH would be a stunning combo, and I prefer the Work over the PT so I voted for the EB SGH Work!
  14. electric work sgh is my dream bag for this season so voted for that!!

    thanks for the pictures :smile:
  15. I like it with silver hardware in a work. Thanks for sharing the first pic!