EB Shoulder - any sightings?

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  1. hi gals.. newbie here!! :upsidedown:

    i have yet to lay my hands on my first bal (a Day from the lovely Lauren), but i'm already in the hunt for my next - the Shoulder in EB. Let me know girls if you've seen any lately. i called bal ny and la, but they only have the sky blue (which i find a bit too light-colored) thanks very much!!:flowers:
  2. There's one on fleabay.
  3. ^ thanks beauxgoris! i would prefer a brand new one though. :smile:

    anyone been to NM lately?
  4. ^^How "used" can it be? The color just came out this month? lol
  5. Try NM. They seem to have gone shoulder crazy. At various times since the season started, I've seen them in just about all the colors and my NM doesn't have a ton of bags. Someone should be able to find you one.
  6. i believe the one in fleabay was a french blue, and it was last year's if i'm not mistaken.

    thanks rollergirl! what's your store? i've checked on NM Troy, and they don't have it at the moment.
  7. Try Sherrie at NM Hawaii. They had a lot before the promotion. If she doesn't have one, she will find you one. She works really hard to find things and is awesome.