EB Rolandos or Declics

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  1. Does anyone know where I can find a pair of EB rolandos or declics (preferably the lower height)? Any stores or boutiques carry them currently? I was looking through the WHOLE celebrity CL thread (yes I have too much time on my hands lmao!) and after seeing Vicki B in hers I decided I must jump on the EB bandwagon, even if I am a little late. Any info is appreciated :smile:
  2. I think ebay is the only option at this point. Sometimes one will pop up. Taydev had to SO her EB Declics.
  3. What size are you? There's an EB Rolando on eBay.
  4. Ugh, that is what I was afraid of. I think I'm leaning towards the rolandos over declics but I'm interested to see modeling pics of both side by side. *runs off to look through threads*
  5. I'm with you on that one. I think I may need to SO them if I really want them. I'm only holding out because that is a standard color for CL and if not this year then next. However, with price increases it may be cheaper to SO them now.

    I've got these in my library...
    ELECTRIC BLUE SUEDE.jpg Christian Louboutin Declic ELECTRIC BLUE SUEDE.jpg
  6. I think I need a 38 in Rolandos since that's my decol. size. I'm a regular size 7.5-8.

    I also think I need that fushcia pair Khloe Kardashian was wearing. Holy HOTT!!! I know those haven't been iaround in a while so they will defenitely have to be a SO.
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    letsgo--Hello my favorite collection analyst, BG had one as of last month and it was discounted, however, it's not your size. I'm lusting for the fuschia KK wore too. As per usual, I'm too late to realize it.
  8. There's also a "peacock" blue Declic (Costa Mesa has them). It's not as bright as the EB's of course, but still pretty. I'm trying to decide between peacock and purple for my next Declics.

    I'm pretty sure the reference library has separate threads dedicated to Declics and Rolandos if you want to take a look. If it helps, the Declics seem to work better for people with average-to-short toes. A few folks (with self-reported long toes) said the toebox on the Declics was too short. I don't have any Rolandos, so I don't know how those compare.
  9. Why hello Lav! With all these new collection threads I'm in analyzing overload! lmao!

    Don't you hate that?!!!! I feel like that's always the case with me. I'm so-so on things when they're readily available then I absolutely MUST have them once they're gone.
  10. Lav, what size was it?
  11. 36.5
  12. Yes those would be too big. :crybaby:I wish they were my size- they're from a fellow TPFer!
  13. they'll pop up on ebay sumday or if ur impatient like me, do a special order! :P I just SO the EB declics! I'll do a SO in a heartbeat cuz im a spoilt brat and I want everything NOW! lol
  14. I would SO them if I had the $$$. But I dont - sigh.