EB RH City or EB GSH City?

  1. I'm caving in to an EB city. I ponder over it for the longest time and now it's a "what the heck, I'm getting one" decision.

    Should I get the EB RH city or EB GSH city? I'm a little apprehensive about the weight of the GSH bag but on the other hand, I already have a SB RH city.:confused1:
  2. Are you a blues girl? I'm going to be Devil's Advocate here.. would you prefer to get another blue or something in a different colour family, for eg pinks, reds, greens? :graucho:

    Ok, re EB : normally GH can make the colour of a bag pop more, but there seem to be some EB RH that look very saturated already. I think get the SGH if you can stand the extra weight, the RH if you can't! Sorry not very helpful :p
  3. Get the GH!!! Coz EB is not thick leather & thus not heavy the GH should not add too much weight. Besides, you drive so weight is probably not going to be much concern.

    I love how my wallet pops with SGH & I love how medium toned yet not boring my RH City is. My City is also my weekend & jeans bag so the light weight is very much a welcome. I am so not helping!!!
  4. My vote goes to the GSH but I'm biased!! I love mine! And honestly, the GSH extra weight is worth it becasue the bag is just so gorgeous! I say, if you're going to 'go for it' then go for it!!!!!!!! Make sure you post lots of pics after you get your new bag!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I'd go for the GSH because it really makes the color pop. I love EB!!!
  6. say hello to the bling! get GH! :tup:

    and like pink said, you drive dont worry about the extra pound
  7. GSH City!! The GH looks really good with the EB, makes it pop!
  8. RH. EB color makes a statement already. GH is a little heavier too. Plus, you can use those extra money to fund your accessories like coin purse or wallet.
  9. I just received my eb rh and its lovely, looks really nice with rh, the color pops enough!!!!

  10. ITA!!! IT MUST BE A GSH!!:yes:
  11. GSH...no question.
  12. GSH is MAJOR!
  13. I say GSH I love how it looks against the blue.
  14. GSH is gorgeous on it but personally I think it boils down to your personal taste and lifestyle?

    I love the rh one I just got because the colour on it is electric and saturated enough to stand alone!!
  15. Okay, in a lot of the bags I agree that the GSH (or GGH) can really make the bag. But when I saw my EB with RH, it was so gorgeously saturated with color and so wonderful, it definitely did not need the GSH! I would love it WITH the GSH, but I just fell in love with it the way it is (with RH). Does that make sense??? I think that since the leathers and colors and finishes (as to veiny, smooshy, leather thickness, etc.) make each bag so unique, you just have to see the one and it will speak to you! That is how I buy mine. :tup::woohoo: As Karenab said, the color is so electric, saturated and rich, no giant hardware is needed.