EB in part time is on my way!!!

  1. hey everyone, i am getting my part time in EB with SGH in 2 days!!! i am so excited!! i will post some pics when i get it...now i am flying in the sky
  2. I can tell how thrilled you are and I am so happy for you!!!
    Please let us see it as soon as you get it. The EB is just gorgeous!! I have it with the RH but got the Sky Blue in SGH.
  3. Congratulations!! I can't wait to see your pics!!
  4. OMG! One of my dream bags! Congrats! Post pics when you get your bag!
  5. Wow....:nuts:!!!pics..pics...pics.. .:popcorn:. ..:popcorn:
  6. Congratulations!! :tup:Take LOTS of pictures for us.
  7. Congrats! Can't wait to see the pics.
  8. Congratulations! That's on my list too! Can't wait for pictures.
  9. congrats!!! love EB! can't wait to see it!
  10. Another happy EB customer!! Woo hoo!!
  11. lucky you!!! EB part time GSH is the bag of my dream this season. where did you get her? i saw one at the printemps haussmann paris shop, and fell in love. i didn't buy it because i'm on a purse ban for about one month or two. enjoy your EB and please post pics of your beauty when you get her.
  12. i'm dying to see this bag. please post pics asap! :shame:
  13. :popcorn: