EB has landed - anyone have pics yet?

  1. Okay, on another thread a pf'er said BalNY has a few EB pieces including a SGH work and some accessories. Someone in NY get over there and buy and post!!! ASAP!!! Pretty please? :flowers:
  2. I was just there and they had a EB work, I did not see any accesories though...
  3. OMG Bethc...Any pics, we're dying here!!!!
  4. What did it look like? How was the leather??
  5. I am getting a pic from BalNY in a few minutes....
    EB Workbag with silver has come in yet.
    I`m on the list....yeah....will share it with you ladies.:dothewave:
  6. WOW!!! Can't wait to see! Karenab, Nanaz where are you????
  7. I'm hear....
  8. and I've seen it
  9. Hellooo!!!! Pleeeease report back!! TIA! :yes:
  10. wow, i'm dying to finally see this...might be my only purchase for 2008...balenciaga though that is..:graucho:

    & if only I could find that hard-to-find Sahara work with GGH.
  11. It has come in? Kim said they only got mostly sky blue and bubblegum RH part-time?

    Then again, I wasn't on the list for EB. I've changed my mind and now want an EB SGH envelope clutch!
  12. pics, pics please!!!!!!
  13. Swissflower: please post pics once you get them! Thanks so much!!!
    I'm so excited!!!
  14. Waiting...so excited!!
  15. Ooh, someone please say something about the bags! What is the color like? Is it really electrifying? Is it dull? Does it look good with both SGH and GGH? Is the leather as lovely as bubblegum or dry and veiny like some of the pale magentas??