EB First!

  1. I think this is the first EB first to be posted here. I just got it about 10 minutes ago and had to share it with my fellow Bal addicts. It's a gorgeous color and I'm so glad I got it! It makes up for not receiving a FB first last year.Without further ado, here are the pics. There are 2 with my FB money to compare color. The money is just about 2 shades lighter but both are equally intense. There's absolutely no sunlight here today, but these are taken in natural overcast light without flash.
    ebfirst.JPG ebfirst2.JPG ebfirst3.JPG
  2. OMG it's fabulous! Love it!
  3. WOW - like a little blue firework!!!
  4. Thank you for posting those pictures....the more I see the color the more I love it! I can't believe how perfect it matches the FB!! They look identical to me! Congrats!!!
  5. That bag is amazing! :drool: Congratulations and thank you so much for posting your pictures!
  6. She's beautiful!! I'm waiting for the yellow to come out, but after seeing your EB I might have to get that instead!!
  7. Gorgeous!! I am really starting to like EB a lot!! Congratulations!!
  8. It is beyond gorgeous!!! I love EB so so much! Congratulations on your bag!!! And thank you for the comparson pictures, they were beautiful and super informative!
  9. Congrats!!! Its a great shape for a 'popping' color like EB.
  10. Lovely bag! I can't believe how close it is to FB. How is the leather?
  11. I think that your side by side pics are exactly what everyone has been waiting for. I knew it was pretty similar to fb. That first is just BEYOND>......fabulous. I am so happy for you! Model!!!!!
  12. I LLLLLOOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEEE it! So intense, will really pop with any outfit, congrats!!
  13. thanks for much for the comparison pics! your bag is sooo gorgeous!
  14. Congrats on the first EB First to be posted...FIRST!

    Its hot, gorgeous, really. Bal makes a ton of blues, but this one is a stunner fosho!
  15. :wtf:

    *passes out*

    i think i just crapped my pants!

    It's beautiful! :nuts: I LOVE IT! :love: Thank you for sharing pics!