EB Day RH , GSH City and Thyme Day RH pics from BalNY

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  1. Kim sent me these pics and i wanted to share them with you. I hope you enjoy them. If some one can make them bigger please go ahead.:smile:
    elect%20blue%20gs%20city[1] (3).jpg electricblueday[1] (3).jpg thymeday[1] (3).jpg
  2. Bump.:smile:
  3. The leather on the VT looks really good, but I am loving the eb w/ sgh! I can't wait to get the call from Kim for my PT! Thanks for the pics!
  4. [​IMG]


  5. Yep, it's official...I just might not make it if I can't have an EB Day! Thanks for sharing the photos!
  6. I really want a VT GGH City.... the leather on this VT is so pretty!!!!
  7. Crazily, the EB looks more intense to me in the RH than the SGH. Am I nuts? I usually find that the GH pops the color more, but not with this color. I love it with either hardware, though.
  8. Thanks for sharing those pics! It's funny how different that EB color looks from photo to photo. I need to see this with my own eyes!!
  9. I adore the vert thyme aka yoda bag! I wonder how wearable it is?
  10. Is is just me, or does the leather on the VT Day look waaayyyy softer and smooshier than the EB Day?
  11. Thanks Nanaz..and Kim!!:woohoo:Eb is STUNNING!!!:nuts:
  12. The SGH on the EB makes the blue sparkles. The EB on the day looks way muted, must be the lighting? or lack of sparkly SGH? Whatever it is, EB is making me feel all:yahoo:!!!
  13. I love the EB city w the GSH.
  14. Ohhh I love the "yoda bag" so much!!
  15. The Vert Thyme.. is s:huh:o pretty :love: