EB City: My First Bbag

  1. I have to say I'm in love!




    &even though I already posted it in the 'photos wearing your bbags' thread:

    The colour is so bright and amazing and oh man is this bag light (it feels like carrying a cloud when compared to the weight of most of my Marc Jacobs bags, hehe). I can definitely see more of these bags in my future.
  2. :woohoo: Congrats!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Bambikino, you EB City looks fabulous on you!!! Your outfit is so chic and fashion-y too. Is the color in the pics true to life? Because it looks a bit darker than some of the other pics posted, and I love how it looks in your pics. I may have to snag one for myself...

    OT - You use Flickr too? I love that site, the pics that people post are so artsy and professional
  4. It's gorgeous and looks great on you!

    I really need to get myself an EB city. I'm just totally in love with the bag.

    Thanks for sharing your pics!
  5. OMG! i love the color!! congrats!
  6. Gorgeous bag!!

    I wish you many more :yes:
  7. U look cute with the bag.. CONGRATS!!!
  8. Spiralsnowman: I tried my hardest to capture the colour so it would be as true to life as possible, but sometimes pictures look a bit lighter on my computer than they do on others (I must say though when I saw it in real life for the first time I definitely thought it looked a bit different from some of the pictures I saw on the internet). I think you should totally get one. It is such a fab colour.

    (&Yes, I love Flickr too. It's been the easiest way I've found to share my photos with people and it's like a hive of photo talent in there, it makes me want to try harder.)
  9. you look so cute! i like the black and blue getup. congrats!
  10. gorgeous bag! congrats
  11. That bag is gorgeous!!! And the leather is divine. Congrats!
  12. I love the color on your EB!!! And the leather looks SO yummy! It's really breaking my resolve. I thought Sahara was going to be my S/S 08 purchase but I think it may have to be EB...
    I believe I will now have a "random Bbag pic" to save on my desktop:lol:
  13. Beautiful leather Bambikino! :yes: it's definitely going to break in well...!

    and congrats on ur first balenciaga!!!!!!:yahoo: i picked a great colour for your first!
    p.s and it won't be your last... :devil:
  14. Gorgeous first bag!!!
    That color is so deep...I'm sure you're in love. Enjoy!
  15. Congratsss! It is truly gorgeous!!! I already have a blue but I'm drooling over this as well.