EB, Black or Plomb?

  1. All these to die for EB's all of you are buying are making me re think my first Bbag purchase. I know I want a City or a Brief in Giant Hardware but I used to be certain in either black or plomb...but now I cant get EB on my mind!!! Do you guys think I can get a lot of use out of the EB, does it go with everything? I know black is more versatile but EB is so eye catching but I really need a bag that will go the extra mile and match practically everything I wear...I dont think I will be getting another Bbag anytime in the near future because of DH:cursing:. By the way im a jeans & polo/tee/blouse or a casual dress kinda gal). What do you guys think?
  2. That was exactly what I was thinking too!! I wanted to get a black to make sure that it would go with everything... but judging from all the photos posted on tPF so far, i think EB will definitely go with a lot. Plus everyone has been mentioning how it changes colour depending on the lighting and what you're wearing, so that could be a plus as well!
  3. If you are a jeans person, then yes EB would go a great addition. Besides, you can get a Black anytime since it is available every season. IMHO EB is a gorgeous shade, it is not ELECTRIFYING but more a deep gorgeous go with everything not too dark but dark enough without looking like black blue tone. It is just the way I like my blues. So I think it is a perfect addition. When I got mine though, I was disappointed with the thin-ness of the leather but as I use it, I realize it is not all that thin & it fluffs out really nicely it is now my FAVOURITE bag. Though I am a HUGE fan of pink, seems like EB is my new PINK!
  4. Thanks daphodill & pinkboudoir....but would EB go with brown or pink???? I tend to wear a lot of browns & pinks!!!
  5. Blue definitely goes with brown, just look at Rafe's label!:tup: I am wanting a black city at the moment myself, but EB is just that extra special color that you have to have in your collection!!:graucho:
  6. Hi Rica, I think if you want to get alot of wear out of this one bbag you may be better off with Black or Plomb. Personally I prefer Black and really saturated blacks at that, esp with the SGH - so rocker chic, but there are ladies who think Plomb is a great color too.

    EB is hot but as a new owner of one I do not think that I can wear this shade with every outfit. Certainly denim and neutrals will be fine, but as it is quite a loud shade I would not wear it with other bright colors or pinks. Black/Plomb is your best bet but if you're itching for some color, then get EB. Hope this helps!
  7. rica, EB & Pink look candy pop pretty together(just look at my sig ;)). chinkee21 already answered you for the browns.
  8. i'm with jo_ee on the colour-matching with EB. it's really what you're comfy with in the end. is it you? do you see yourself hesitating or raring to use a loud blue with the clothes that you usually wear? i personally don't like to match blue with blue, so i won't always use a blue bbag when i wear jeans. but i know many like to match their jeans with a blue bbag.

    blue goes with brown, grey, bronze, gold, silver. pinks/purples/greens/yellows too. probably in small doses, and in paler tones.
  9. If it's your first purchase and you're unsure about the blue, you could always just get the black to be on the safe side. In any case, the black is gorgeous and will go with everything. And then maybe get an EB as your next purchase or something?
  10. Jean's person = EB

    If you need a bag for all occaions, go for Plomb
  11. I agree with KDC, plomb is lovely because it's soft and nice with summer outfits as well as in winter. It's a bit of a chameleon colour and can look charcoal, almost black or with a blue tinge, depending on lighting and what you wear with it. It's certainly unique.

    Black is much more rock'n roll. Truly, I was surprised how different black bbags feel from my plomb city. You really get the moto vibe from the black bags.

    I haven't seen EB IRL but it looks like a strong colour to me. If you already have a lot of neutral bags, perhaps this is the right one for you, but if versatility is what you're looking for then go for plomb or black.
  12. I think that black will match more stuff. You can literally use your black city EVERY day and not have to worry about matching. I agree with Glossie in terms of matching blue with blue. For some reason, many shades of denim don't necessarily match with a blue bag for me.
  13. I would say black or plomb.

    Black bbags are very rock-n-roll. I had a pt for a brief period, and it's a very hot, classic, worry-free color.

    I've also started considering plomb, although i haven't seen in irl.. I know EB looks hot on the screen.. but i wouldn't get it for my wardrobe..
  14. thanks so much everyone for your help...Im pretty much decided on either a plomb or black bbag. EB would be great if I was buying a 2nd bag...i just got carried away with the look of EB but i have to be practical.
  15. IMO, if you are a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl, then definitely get the EB as it will go with your outfits. Go for it!! Especially since it's a seasonal color and you may never get a chance to own this color again. Like someone else said, black is available every season so you can get that one later. I think everyone should have a black bbag!!! :smile: