EB accessories?

  1. Does anyone know where I could get a EB CP or MU? TIA!!:heart:
  2. I'm looking too...
  3. mischka, I'm sending you a PM.

  4. Thanks Jim!;)
  5. Electric Bleu CP!!!
  6. Yeahhh,where can i get it?
  7. Jim, :nuts: would be great if you could spill to us too!!!

  8. BalSG also has the EB CP according to the SA when I called earlier today. They do take international orders I was told.
  9. Thanks for sharing the info Pinkboudouir..

    I am actually looking for a MU in particular :nuts:
  10. I am looking for an EB Makeup too...
  11. that shipping quote is ridiculous!
  12. casper7, that shipping sure is ridiculous. IIRC a CP seller previously only charge US$17 for international shipping.

    aki, you might want to call or email BalSG. PM me if you need details. will then go dig it out for you.