Eau De Toilette

  1. I am nervous...I am getting Marc Jacobs Daisy for christmas...while i LOVE the scent, I am nervous it is not going to stay on very long. I really love smelling good and I don't want it to fade away. Does anyone else use an Eau De Toilette? It doesn't necessarily have to be Daisy (but that is great if it is), but does your toilette stay on for you all?
  2. I use Daisy and it stays on for me when I go out and stuff but I never really wear it for a full day so I dunno how long ur looking for...
  3. Daisy, in my opinion, is a pretty light scent.. if you get the EDT version it might not stay on very long (not like the EDT versions of stronger scents like Dior Addict.)

    To make it last longer... you could try layering it with body lotion, shower gel and so on. Sometimes I spray it on my clothes as well (cotton, not expensive ones for the fear of ruining it.)

    Oh and, spraying it on a couple of hours after you have taken a shower helps too. The fragrance blends with your natural body oils to help it last longer.
  4. Eau du toilettes don't usually stay on very long. It's only really effective for like a day. The second or third day, you'd have to stick your nose to the surface you sprayed it on (clothing).
  5. I bought MJ Daisy probably 2 months ago now and I've worn it pretty much every day since. I have to say that it doesn't seem to me like it lasts all day, however, i've had people at work tell me how good i smell when i can't smell it any more, so maybe it's just me. i love this scent so much though that i don't care!