eating too much?

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  1. did you eat a lot while pregnant? and what about after pregnancy?
    it's been 7 months since i had my son and i still eat as much as i did when i was preggers.
    oops! :P
    i am breastfeeding, so could that be it? will the hunger pangs ween when i ween off bfing?
    what was your experience? :heart:
  2. Breastfeeding definitely adds energy consumption, hence you feel more hungry!
  3. yeah i ate alot too when i was pregnant and still ate alot afterwards even when i stopped breastfeeding. I guess my brain and stomach was just used to it so they were demanding more food. I've cut it down now, phew!

    I agree with Nola, breastfeeding does make you hungry.
  4. I gained all of my weight breastfeeding. I didn't really gain anything during my pregnancies because I was diabetic and on a strict diet. Breastfeeding makes you really hungry and you need carbs.
  5. I forgot to add earlier; my aunt had extreme pangs of hunger when she breastfed, so she just snacked on fruit, cereal and lots of water. Very important to stay hydrated when breastfeeding.
  6. Yes yes! You are breastfeeding, so you are burning calories. I think it's something like 300 calories a day you burn if you breastfeed. You will be very hungry, I know I am. I don't eat as much when I was pregnant, but I eat just as healthy. Also, keep taking your prenatal vitamins!
  7. thanks for the tip on the vitamins.
  8. i was one of the people that didn't lose anything while breastfeeding. once i stopped i was able to "diet" but while nursing, my body held onto everything..and i was constantly ravenous.
  9. Per Breastfeeding and Human Lactation (Riordan, 2004, p. 438), "The amount of energy needed by lactating mothers continues to be debated. The lactating mother need not maintain a markedly higher caloric intake than that maintained prior to pregnancy: in most cases, 400-500 calories in excess of that which is needed to maintain the mother's body weight is sufficient."
  10. I am always thirsty because of nursing!