Eating Schedule/Caloric Intake

  1. So I'm trying to be a better/healthier person. No smoking for almost 5 months, no regular soda (only diet) for about 7 months.
    But I still have some vices...I gave up potato chips, but replaced them with crackers...but gave up candy!

    Right now I'm pretty bad about eating...

    For breakfast I have a 100 calorie Yoplait light (around 8-ish...mind you I wake up at 7-ish)

    Sometimes I sneak in a 'Nature's valley' granola bar (160 calories) between breakfast & lunch...sometimes that is lunch.

    Lunch is typically a bowl of soup (200 calories) or Chef Boyardee (100 calories) or Lean Cuisine (260-400 calories)

    No afternoon snack control here. Hardest meal...have to feed hubby who is overweight and doesn't want to lose weight. So it's hard! He won't eat anything healthy AT ALL...if it says Low won't go in his mouth.
    But when I do make dinner it usually consists of some type of meat (usually pork or chicken)...usually baked or pan fried in Olive Oil. Veggies from a can or frozen. And either pasta or mashed potatoes.

    So...some suggestions please! From reading some things...I know I should be at about 1200 calories (I am 5'5 147lbs a US size 6-8....I'd like to get the weight down to about 135 and stay around a 6 so I don't have to buy a new wardrobe!) and eating 5 small meals!
  2. Hm... it sounds like you are not eating enough Twiggers! I am especially concerned about your 100-calorie breakfast. That's not enough fuel for your busy day! Maybe something a little more substantial for breakkie, like yogurt with granola or cottage cheese and some fruit with a piece of toast and PB? Then you will feel energized until lunch. Do you like cheese like feta or goat cheese? I was just thinking it would be good in a salad. I don't like salad myself but it's good for me and I've found that throwing things in it like nuts, cheese and dried fruit makes salad a lot more bearable. Sandwiches made of multigrain bread, roasted turkey/chicken with veggies and cheese are good for lunch too and very filling, so you might not even feel the desire to eat until dinner. But a snack between lunch and dinner is ok. Some cheese or some fruit are good. And dinner sounds like a challenge. Pasta is ok and maybe you can sneak in really thin whole-wheat pasta with tomato sauce once in a while? I was resistant to whole-wheat pasta until I tried it with tomato sauce and I couldn't taste the difference. Veggies and dip platters can be bought from the supermarket and they are really healthy, tasty and good for you. You can make things like quesadillas which aren't "low-fat" but you can control what you put in them, like less cheese and more veggies for you, more meat for hubby, etc. My bf likes red meat and I don't eat that stuff at all, so sometimes I make separate dinners for us! Good luck, HTH!
  3. I guess if I were the one doing the eating, I would replace some of the prepackaged stuff with something more fresh. For example, have a nice bowl of whole grain cereal with skim milk and fresh fruit for breakfast instead of the yogurt or a sandwich made of 99% fat free turkey breast on whole grain bread for lunch instead of the Lean Cuisine or canned soup. If you really feel like soup, try complimenting it with a fresh green salad with lite dressing. I think the fresh stuff would be more satisfying and you would consume less sodium. Also, I would try grilling meat for dinner instead of frying. You can even grill veggies to go with the meat. A baked potato would probably be better than mashed potatos. You can also make oven fries by cutting up potatos into wedges (skins on), tossing them with a little olive oil (or spraying them with olive oil cooking spray) and spices, and baking them in the oven at 450 degrees for about 45 minutes.
  4. ^^^armcandy: The prepackaged thing is one of my biggest vices because I am always eating on the go! I even buy my fresh fruit pre-cut to save time!

    Someone recommended toast & PB for breakfast...I LOVE toast! And I already eat whole wheat bread...but I only have regular PB in the house. Is there a different one I should buy?
    And I could probably do some fresh fruit for breakfast! Not a big cereal fan (I can't stand milk)...but I do like the lowfat/low sugar instant oatmeal! Is that OK to eat? Maybe bump my breakfast up to 200 calories.

    IN term of sandwich meat....turkey is about it? No ham? No mayonaaise either right?
  5. What I find hardest when I diet is dinner as well. I feel like I should be eating a great, wonderful, satisfying dinner, but in reality it's the worst meal of the day to be overeating.

    I think that you should have a more substantial breakfast. If you start out feeling more full in the morning, you won't feel the need to eat as much at night. Whereas since you're only eating so little in the morning, and a Lean Cuisine at lunch (let's be honest, I could eat two of those and still be hungry), you're going to be starving by dinnertime and as a result, you'll overeat, or eat things that are fattening.
  6. I think the biggest problem is your breakfast. The easiest way for me to lose weight and from what others have told me is to have a hearty, healthy breakfast because it will cut down on the other two meals of the deal. Also, I don't know if it is possible, but to somehow cut down on your dinner. Dinner should be a small meal. Also, eating an apple before each meal helps metabolisms and works, in my experience. I just had a baby so it's hard to get back into my normal routine and cut down on my big eating habits I've acquired over the last nine months.
  7. Thanks for the tips!

    Keep 'em coming!

    Dinner is hard....and it's oh so hard to drive through mcDonalds and not get a #1 instead of salad.
    I really don't want this to be a diet...but rather change this into a way of life and be something I can sustain for years and years!
  8. You are certainly on the right track, then, because diet's don't work. A diet implies that it's a temporary short-term fix and that you will return to your previous unhealthy lifestyle.

    Here are some of my thoughts -->

    As was previously said, eat a more substantial breakfast. That yogurt is excellent but try adding a whole wheat english muffin with some natural peanut butter, or some whole grain cereal with it and some fresh fruit.

    A Nature Valley bar isn't so bad because they are made with whole grain, but fresh and unprocessed foods are better for you and will feel more satiated.

    Your lunch is okay, but be careful and watch the sodium in that processed stuff. All three of the things you listed are loaded with salt and that will make you retain water and feel bloated. How about a lean turkey sandwich on whole grain bread with some fresh veggies and lo-fat string cheese, and maybe a handful of almonds?

    Eat an afternoon snack! You need to eat to keep your metabolism going and to keep your body from stalling. A healthy mid-afternoon snack will keep you alert, too. Have an apple or some more yogurt, or maybe even a cup of oatmeal (the kind without added sugar).

    I think your heavy dinners are killing you, especially seeing that you aren't eating much during the day. You probably think that you are doing yourself a favor by eating light during the day knowing that you are going to eat a lot of dinner, but that's not the case. You need to have six small equally sized meals a day to keep your metabolism at a constant level which will keep you burning calories all day. If your DH isn't willing to sacrifice his big heavy dinners you can still make them for him, you just need to lighten it up a bit. Keep in mind that there are a lot of healthy lo-fat and lo-cal alternatives that he would never detect. Or, if that doesn't work, make yourself something healthy and pass on what he's eating.

    BTW, are you exercising? That would be one of the healthiest changes you can make and it would make you feel great! Try alternating some strength training and cardio.

    Good luck!! Hang in there and don't give up! You obviously have great intentions so stick with it. :yes:
  9. I agree with everyone so far. You definitely need a more substantial breakfast. I also think those Lean Cusine-type lunches aren't so hot for you with all of the sodium. Honestly, it sounds kiddie, but a PB&J sandwich for lunch can be great for you. I recommend any all-natural PB, my fav brand is Teddy. Trader Joe's has a good one also. Smuckers also makes nice, all-fruit, no sugar added jelly. Put that on some whole grain toast (the bread that is best for weight control has at least 3g of fiber/serving), and add some baby carrots on the side and you have a great lunch!
    I also love PB on whole grain toast for breakfast, or even those tiny whole wheat bagels with PB or even I cant believe its not butter or whatever that is.
  10. Thanks Rin & mokoni! Great suggestions!

    So all-natural that like JIF? Or that isn't good?
  11. Oh..and as for exercise....I am not right now...but I do want to start...and am getting there motivation wise (I believe you can't do something unless your motivated to do it...probably why it took me 5 years to finally quit smoking after the first time I said I wanted to)!
  12. I sometimes make myself a little snack with a low fat cinnamon graham cracker with a tablespoon of PB on it. I do occasionally eat toast with PB too. I use reduced fat Jif. It tastes the same as regular Jif with fewer grams of fat. Jif has always been my favorite PB anyway, but I think the other brands also make reduced fat versions. Natural PB is also delicious. I find that eating PB occasionally keeps me from craving junk food like candy.

    Instant oatmeal is fine. You can sweeten it with fruit or a little Splenda or even stir in some applesauce or jelly.

    You're not limited to just turkey. I only used turkey as an example. There are a lot of varieties of deli meats that are low fat. I aim for 95% fat free or better. I don't eat mayo only because I never liked it. If you want mayo, look for a lite variety and don't go crazy with it. Mustard is also a good substitute for mayo.

    Most folks think that I probably have all these rigid rules about eating, because of the amount of weight I lost. Honestly, I don't. Granted I avoid fried and heavily processed foods, but still leave room for the fun stuff occasionally. Nothing is really off limits so long as you don't start binging on it.
  13. The goal with PB is to get some without a lot of added sugar (and other unnecessary ingredients). Skippy makes a natural variety and that's my favorite because it tastes good and it's well blended. A lot of natural PB has to be stirred because it gets a layer of oil at the top and that grosses me out. Plus, the Skippy Natural is pretty easy to find in stores.

    Oh, another thing that I eat a lot of are Egg Beaters! I absolutely love them. I especially like to make them like scrambled eggs (I use an olive oil spray in the pan) and then sprinkle some light sun-dried tomato basil cheese on top. It's awesome! :yes:
  14. ^ ditto about the PB... JIF would not really be the best kind, even the reduced fat.
  15. Something else I wanted to mention: be careful of the seemingly healthy appearing salad. McDs has some healthy salads available but some aren't. And, if you use a heavy full-fat dressing (which some of them come with), you might just as well get that #1 because some dressings are as bad as a Big Mac.

    Frustrating, isn't it?