Eating Out with your Spy

  1. What the creative ways to keep your bag while you are seated at a table? The Spy does not have any feet and is a little too big to be hung over the top corners of a chair. I ended up asking for a paper napkin :roflmfao: to spread on the floor so I could put my Spy next to my chair. I tried to put the Spy in my lap but it is a little too big to have a napkin OVER it. So Fendi Spymates : any creative ideas pls?
  2. My Spy gets her own chair! :P You could also invest in some of those purse hooks. They attach to the table and whatnot. I can't remember the name of them though, I believe I saw a link in one of the threads.
  3. prettygirl that's a great idea, :yes: I need to buy one of those! I have the same trouble when I go out. The thought of putting "my baby" on the dirty floor is just NOT an option, so she usually sits on my lap and I take longer to eat, as I don't want to spill anything, it's a small sacrifice and my friends think I'm crazy....:amuse:
  4. My baby gets a chair also. If we're out with other people, I pull out my plastic grocery bag from the bottom of my bag and sit it on that. I try to always keep a plastic bag at the bottom of my handbag. It has come in handy several times.
  5. My spies get their own chairs,too :roflmfao: It's too big to put them on my lap, also they get in the way when I try to eat. I NEVER put my bags on the floor either LOL :P
  6. I put mine on the floor under my chair!!!:nuts::shame:
  7. I was just thinking about this thread as we were out to lunch an hour ago! I put my spy in her own chair!! It so funny how many times I think about this place when in living my life in the outside world!!:nuts:

    Irene!!!! You DO NOT put your bags on the floor?? Really??? please say it isnt so with all those gorgeous Lv's....:angel:
  8. Sunshine, you made me :lol:!!! I just feel that they are safer under the chair than on the chair. I was out for dinner with a friend of mine the other night and she was carrying her Manhattan PM. Her bag was sitting on the chair beside her and the waiter leaned over to take away her soup and the bowl slipped out his hands and the soup ended up all over her Manhattan!!! This was her reaction: :wtf: :censor: :hysteric: :crybaby::censor: :censor:!!! Needless to say, dinner was on the house!!! If only she'd placed her bag UNDER the chair ... :lol:
  9. i recently got one of those little hangers off eBay for only $6.49. they're so cute, and they're really good for holding bags :yes:
    hook 003.jpg hook 002.jpg hook 001.jpg
  10. Cute hook. What are they called? Does ebay have anymore?
  12. just search for purse/handbag hook/hanger. there'll be a ton of them :yes:
  13. Thanks.
  14. i was in hongkong a month ago and i was eating at this expensive restaurant as i was about to place my prada bag (sorry its not fendi i cant afford one yet lol ) on the chair handle this very nice waiter said to me "hold" and came back with a mini chair just for a bag and it sits right beside me, its a small wooden chair with its own back rest, i was so amazed! my bag literally has its own chair! I just totally blown away :love: too bad i had no camera with me.
  15. I usually give my Spy a chair. Maybe I should also give Spy a napkin covering just in case of spills.:yes: :P ;)