Eating out - takeout or dining in tonight?

  1. Eating out!
    Watching Tomorrow, When the War Began in gold class and having dinner there!
  2. I love Sake Cafe! It is one of my favorites, we typically go to the one on Magazine Street. Hope you get your sushi today!

    Last night we had sushi after the game but it was from a place downtown that opened recently.
  3. I think we are going to eat out tonight. Maybe Mexican, but haven't decided yet. I am most definitely not cooking...way too tired for it.
  4. Going out...

    SO wants Red Robin but I want Maggiano's...
  5. hoping to go out for sushi!
  6. Tonight we're ordering Dominos pizza and seeing what all the fuss is about with their "new and improved" pizza. Tomorrow night, we finally got our babysitter back after about a 4-week hiatus and we're going to a fancy-shmancy restaurant with contemporary global cuisine. Can't wait:smile:
  7. least I'd better!
  8. ^went out for burgers last night instead

    hoping to get take-out & eat IN tonight
  9. Eating Out

    Going on a mommy-daughter date to the Cheesecake Factory.
  10. eating in, even though I planned on it yesterday and didn't cook! Having steak and mexican rice from the packet! And some veggies, I think.
  11. Name please?
  12. Unfortunately I didn't go to Sake' Cafe' I went to Cafe' Zen and it was disappointing. It was really good before Katrina but I've come to the conclusion there are NO GOOD sushi restaurants on the westbank, so I make it a point to get some everytime I'm across the river and since there's a Sake in every city across there I'll never go without it. As matter of fact I stopped on my way back for EJ Hosptial last night at Sake' on Clearview--IT WAS SO GOOD. I didn't have a menu so I really couldn't make a good decision on what I wanted to I just settled for a Philidephia & Crunchy Roll. My husband doesn't eat it but as he's watching my facial expression as I eat it and says, "is it really that good?", my answer to him was "it's like having an orgasm in your mouth". YUMMY! Now I want to try some Thai, my stepson & his girlfriend eat it all the time!
  13. cooking :biggrin:
  14. Ate in. Someone brought me a tuna fish sandwich. It was pretty tasty.
  15. Eating leftover take out Thai again..they gave us soooo much..which I'm happy about:smile: