Eating out - takeout or dining in tonight?

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  1. #1 Sep 8, 2010
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    Where are you going and what are you ordering?

    Tonight it's going to be Sushi, I'd like to go to Sake Cafe' but I think I'll be going to Cafe Zen (closer)

    Miso Soup
    Squid Salad
    Rainbow Roll
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  2. eating out!
    havent decided where yet..

    OT, my OP... are you from new orleans? more so, across the river? i know that sounds stalker-ish, but i noticed you said sake and cafe zen. LOL. i am, too from NO.
  3. Take out from Brio.

    Bruschetta and Bistecca Insalada to share with DH

    Lasagna for DH

    Shrimp and Scollop Risotto

    And, best of all, plenty left over for lunch tomorrow. :smile:
  4. DH is grilling burgers!
    I finally found the new Hidden Valley Ranch Tomato Bacon dressing so will try that out on some salad too.

    we have a sushi place called Zen in Okinawa
  6. I'm guilty of mostly eating take-out. Both my SO and I are inept in the cooking department! Tonight we ate at the Pasta Bowl - he had Rigatoni bolo and I had a chicken sandwich.
  7. cooking :P
  8. Take out, we are leaving for vacation tomorrow and my fridge is empty but a few beers...

  9. Your funny...stalkerish, you MUST be from around here "across the river"...I am on the westbank, I'm actually from down in Lafitte, but have since moved to the civilized world of Marrero, needless to say I'm ready to go back to the swamp LOL!
    Love Sake! but IDK if I want to go across the river for it, so I might just have to settle for Zen. Didn't even get to yesterday, as I was getting ready to leave my aunt called saying to hurry and get my put down there, they just finished boiling crabs...they were YUMMY!
  10. Didn't get my Sushi yesterday at boiled crabs instead...gonna try it again today.
  11. Eating out- My honey and I are going to eat at Ruth's Chris
  12. Eating in tonight...we rarely go out to eat.

    Tonight is just going to be some grilled chicken w/ grilled corn on the cob and maybe some rice or sweet potatoes?
  13. eating in, but not cooking...hummus
  14. eating in tonight, I am making wet burritos or BBQ meat balls, havent decided yet
  15. The boyfriend and I went for steak/sushi tonight! We each got miso soup. He got a steak with grilled veggies, rice, and mushrooms. I got salmon roll and eel avocado roll.

    And, for dessert... he got fried cheesecake. I only had ONE bite... and it was amazing. [Trying to stick to my diet!!!!!!!]