Eating out, Eating right

  1. When trying to eat right what do you eat when you go out and what restaraunts do you go to?
  2. Wherever I go, I go with the mindset that I would like the possibility of ordering dessert.

    Keeping that in mind, if there's a bread basket, I'll split a piece with someone.

    I also limit my choices to either baked or grilled duck or chicken. (Which isn't a problem, because I like either of those.)

    Then, when the meal comes, because the portion sizes are huge, I eat the meat and try to limit the starches.

    When it's time to order dessert, I stay away from the cheesecakes and the . . . . creme pies (although I'm a sucker for creme brulee). Then I'll offer to share my dessert with other people.
  3. to be honest, if i'm trying to eat healthy, i go to all lengths to avoid going out. i know that's of no help to you, lol. but it's SO hard to eat healthy and resist temptation when going to a restaurant, that i don't even fight it. if i'm going out, i'm gonna blow my diet :sad:

    having said that though, i know some restaurants are friendly towards healthy options. chains like applebees and chilis have options like that. more expensive places might be able to accomodate requests like grilling instead of frying, steamed veggies instead of fries or mashed potatoes, etc. it never hurts to ask, that's what i think. they're probably more willing to accomodate you than you'd think!
  4. When you get the chicken, peel off the skin.

    When you get the steak, cut off the fat.

    If you're done eating and you're afraid you're just going to pick at it the rest of the night, flag down a waiter and have them take it away (or wrap it up for you).
  5. I get a lot of salads and grilled chicken. Marinara sauce if I'm getting pasta - avoid creamy sauce (even though I LOVE fetuccine alfredo). And try to eat slowly so I don't stuff myself.
  6. whenever they bring you your meal ask for a box and put half of it in there immediately! Just bc it's griled doesn't mean it's healthy since they lke to base everything with oils (but still def better than fried) ask for al sauces on the side. If you eat salad ask fo dressing on the side and dip your fork i the dressing and put it on the salad. Um but yeah I sually stik to grilled chicken or shrimp or a salad...
  7. I just try to watch my portions. But when I go to a nice restaurant, I want to experience the food!
  8. I usually start with a salad with a light dressing. I usually order whatever I want but will only eat half. If I have bread it's w/o butter and then for a drink ice tea or if alcoholic white wine. I'm usually too full for dessert
  9. I LOVE to eat out and I hate feeling like I'm depriving myself:

    - I try not to eat out more than once a week
    - I make sure I'm not starving when I get to the restaurant
    - I avoid anything fried or creamy
    - I set a limit for the number of bread slices, chips, or bites of dessert I'll have at the beginning of a meal, so I can have a little but not overdo it
    - If I get an entree, I'll leave half of it to have as leftovers later
    - I ask for light oil during preparation
  10. If you want to be 'good' while ordering dessert, skip the whipped cream.
  11. I went to an Italian place with my dad for lunch. I knew ahead of time the menu consisted of either pizza or big bowls of pasta.

    I went with the pasta, but I skipped the alfredos and creme sauces and went with just a tomato sauce and sausage. (I ate about half and took the rest home.)
  12. If I'm out somewhere at lunch, I'll look for the grilled chicken sandwiches. (Then I'll ask them to skip the cheese and the bacon.)
  13. Im starting to try and be healthier...although me and my girls looove going out to dinner. So when we go out we try and share a plate. No dessert. If I am going out just around town i try and stick with grilled stuff and salads
  14. humm...i dont get it.

    how is it that 'eating right' when you eat out means to only eat half of your meal? I agree with ordering dressing on the side, eating grilled chicken and salads...but to only eat half? how is that 'eating right' when you are only eating half of your plate - I eat out alot and I always find an entree plate to be just the right amount of food.
  15. I avoid the bread and butter, fried foods, I'm a veg too so it's always some fish for me with veggies. No pasta salads, lots of olives, "greens" and chili peppers though.