Eating My Words With A White Morgan On The Way

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  1. Well, I know I just posted that I was done with bags for a while, but I just bought a Morgan at 50% off. I don't really have a big square tote yet. I was thinking about a Tod's tote, but there is something about Jimmy Choo that keeps me coming back for more:heart:.It will be here on Monday. I also picked up JC Juniper sandals too. OK, NOW I am done!!!


    juniper.jpg JC Morgan.jpg
  2. Wait a minute.....weren't we all just talking about the Morgan as the perfect DIAPER bag??? YOU now have something to share with the rest of us??? :sneaky:

    Gorgeous bag!! Love, love, love the color! And the sandals are just so pretty! Can't wait to see the modeling pics....especially of the bag! :woohoo:

    Oh, and the word "done" is right up there with "never"....;)
  3. Ooohh I knew it Samantha .... the power of JC bags!!!! ...... cant wait too see pics .... Morgan is beautiful, I so much want a white bag, but knowing me, my dogs, my BF, and my daughter, she wouldnt last white long...... Congrats!!!:tup::yahoo:
  4. Oh-la-la Samantha...very nice! Love those shoes. I have a similiar style in suede and silver, Nesta and they are really comfy. JC has the prettiest flats!:love:
  5. Oh yeah, and the bag is just fabulous! I just can't get away from that strap style. And since you live in Florida, you can wear white year round and get away with it!
  6. What gorgeous flats! along with a great bag!
    Who can resit a white Jimmy Choo bag - congrats!
  7. Is there something you want to share with us Samantha:graucho:

    Remember Stinkerbelle, she did say she wanted more kiddies (oops, I guess it was kitties):roflmfao:

    Gorgeous bag:drool: I purchased those sandals, but they just didn't look right on short, stumpy legs:blah: but with your LONG legs, I know they look awesome. Looking forward to modeling photos:nuts:
  8. :roflmfao:
    Stinkerbelle, you have a gift. I laugh out loud when I read many of your posts! You are so right about the ranking of done. I will try to never use it in my posts again(hehe).
  9. :lol:Great recall Robyn! Impressive.

    Ladies, I have no such news to share with you. I think you all might be slightly worried if I did. Three pregnancy announcements in one week on the Jimmy Choo Subforum???!!! Not to say I would not be thrilled to announce a pregnancy, I just think that chapter might be closed. More little kiddies running around my house would be amazing but at some point the baby stage has to come to an end:crybaby:.

    Funny, you are all thinking of the Morgan as "The Jimmy Choo Diaper Bag". I have to say all the chatter is probably what pushed me over the edge to purchase it. That's tPF for you!
  10. I am totally blinded by these shoes!! How sofa king fabulous!!


  11. What?? If you do not mind me asking, how old are you? cuz from what ive seen in the pics it looks like you are in your late 20s maybe early 30s?? sorry 4 asking....
  12. I have those shoes, they are fab. I got them on sale on NAP.
  13. :roflmfao: I DO remember that!
  14. You are too kind....:shame: I'd like to think I inherited my sense of humor from my Mom. God knows I inherited my whole "the sky is falling!!" outlook from my Dad! :weird:
  15. :drool:Oh wow, I can't wait to see modeling pics. Once Samantha models it, i don't know if I'll be able to wait for the next sale to get mine.

    And come to think of it, since my due date would be late April, maybe a white bag would be more chic than a black one... hmmmm. Are these still available? :graucho:

    No, no, no. No more shopping for me. First thing's first. I gotta break the news to hubby.:rolleyes:

    Congratulations on the Morgan, Samantha. If this is some maternal instinct you got going on and post some "news" in the next months, I'm writing this up!!! LOL