Eating my new patio!

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  1. One of my (lovable) mutts has started chewing on my new cedar patio posts. I tried the Bitter Apple spray and it just didn't deter the chewing at all. Anyone have any home remedies for chewing? Naturally, none of them do it when I am outside with them.
  2. Put a muzzle on him when he is out alone. I had a dog chew my deck posts and that was the only way to stop him.
  3. Ok, this will sound insane, but I had a doxie that took a liking to the wood in our house, so I rubbed Wasabi paste on the wood areas where he could chew, and it stopped immediately. It did not damage the wood, and after about 2 weeks I wiped it off and the dog did not go back to chewing.
  4. I don't have any wasabi, but I have a bag full of jalapeno peppers. I wonder if I split them open and rubbed them on the wood...

    I really can't muzzle her (I am pretty sure it's the girl of the herd) because they are outside dogs and there is no way that I would muzzle her for the nine or ten hours that I am gone during the day. Keeping them inside is just not an should see what they did to my garage!
  5. I was going to suggest chili oil. But odd thing is that some dogs like spicy stuff so it might not deter them at all.

    If you have a local supermarket that makes sushi you might be able to get some chuncks of wasabi there.

    Other things you can try is to vinegar or pepper spray the area.
  6. I would suggest giving your guys large marrow bones to chew on while you're gone, but they wouldn't work if they would fight over the bones. Marrow bones entertain my dogs for hours, but they are crated when I can't supervise.

    Another suggestion would be to hire a dog walker to tire the dogs out.
  7. I went to Petsmart and got a bunch of big ropes, Kong toys, and balls for them to play with. I sprayed down the posts with a min of vinegar and hot chili oil. Two of them smelled it and ran away. Belle smelled it and barked at the posts for 30 minutes before losing interest. When I left this morning, they were fighting over the new toys. I hope those keep them entertained for the day.

    I'm not worried about the fighting. The males always give up a few seconds into the fights and let Belle have her way. She's a complete drama queen.

  8. Vinegar and hot chili oil sounds nasty. I'd run away too. Sounds like the dogs have some great new toys. Just be careful with the rope toys, sometimes they can break apart and get ingested.
  9. Oh, what a cutie! I think it's hilarious how the girl's always win in the toy battle! Now when it comes to food....the boy wins hands down. He will give up a toy, but he won't give up food to her.
  10. ^She wins the food battles too. She's only 60 pounds and she pushes the other two around like they are weighs 70 pounds and the other is 105 pounds. She always wins hand-down.
  11. Use lemon juice or other strong citrus on your furniture to keep dogs away. Spray vinegar directly on the surfaces of the furniture you want to keep dogs from chewing.
  12. LOL @ Bella barking at the post. Did she think the stinky mix was going to come alive and get her?? Good for her on not letting the boys push her around. :biggrin:
  13. Aw Belle is a cutie! Does she have some shepherd in her? :love: