Eating Healthy - Help!

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  1. So my whole life I have been the kind of person that could eat anything and everything and not gain 1 pound. Recently, as i get older it is catching up to me, and I am getting ill because of it. I don't eat properly, I am always exhausted, have zero energy, cant sleep and have other health problems.

    This year I want to make a change. I have started slowly working out, and now i want to eat healthy. I just don't even know where to start.

    I've cut out most sugars, and stopped drinking pop. I know drink water, lots of it religiously, that I am doing fine with. Now I have tried eating salads for lunch, but I find i am still STARVING. and when it comes to dinner I have no idea what to eat or what to do - so sometimes i will skip out on dinner all together.

    I really want to make these changes and If anyone could help me or push me in the right direction It would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Start with eating lots of non-starchy veggies and lean protein.

    After that, try to listen to your body. You may have to add fats and / or carbs to your diet to not feel hungry or hypoglycemic.

    I have chosen to go lower carb / higher fat to try to lose weight. The traditional heart-healthy recommendation is to go lower fat / higher carb. However it is controversial as to whether that encourages or discourages heart disease.

    Or you could try a balance of carbs / fats / proteins by trying to understand your macros. (I haven't figured this out yet.)
  3. For me personally, I've found that making small daily choices really helped me. For example rather than just eating 100% as health as I could, I would have only a few pieces of chocolate instead of a handful, choose a side salad instead of fries, etc. When I try to make a big jump I end up failing miserably then binging on Ben and Jerry's or something.

    You also want to listen to your body - if you're still hungry, eat more! Be sure to eat slowly and drink water with your meals to help you feel fuller. I usually bring along a few pieces of fruit and carrot sticks to snack on for when I get random hunger urges.

    As far as dinner - I usually just am not super hungry at night. I try to eat something small - maybe a salad or some yogurt or whatever's lying around. But there are plenty of websites with healthy light recipes for dinner (and then you can use leftovers for lunch!) - also try Pinterest for recipes!! It's a gold mine.

    You've taken the first step and that's something to really be proud of!
  4. I agree with the small changes thing - for me it really helped to do things like fresh fruit rather than fruit juice, plain yogurt rather than flavored, and not keeping any soft drinks or ice cream in the house (that last one was a struggle since hubby loves ice cream and does not have to watch his weight). I am 5 pounds from my ideal weight, and I fell pretty happy with the progress so far. Best of luck!
  5. I agree with the small changes as well. Not only will they be more sustainable, but they'll also be less a jolt to your system. Your body will naturally be hungry as it starts getting less/different amounts of the foods it has in the past as it tries to get back to its neurological set point and you'll have cravings for them as well. Make sure you're getting a balance of good carbs, good fats, and good proteins as well and keep a healthy, low calorie snack available in case you do get hungry.
  6. Lots of good advice already. Why don't you come join us in the eating healthy thread?

    It is more of a support thread. That way you can ask questions as they come up and see what we're doing and what works for us. We talk about a lot of different healthy habits; eating and exercise...but not one plan. We're a friendly bunch....and I would like to think helpful and motivating, as well.

    Good luck.
  7. Can you give an example of whats in your salads? A good, well rounded, decent sized salad should not leave you starving.

    Skipping meals is a big no no too! A nice simple dinner would be grilled chicken or fish with veggies and salad. It's also ok to snack through the day as well. Just make sure you are not over eating and that the snacks and well blanaced.
  8. If you are still hungry after a salad maybe you should add some protein to it. Try adding a piece of grilled chicken to the salad.
  9. There is no cookie cutter answer for eating healthy. You have to eat according to your needs, which include your weight, height, body fat and the level of activity (exercise) that you perform. You must have lean protein in ever meal. Good fats and compound carbs are always good. If you drink coffee, avoid the creamer or sweeteners, stick to green tea. Figure out around what time you are starving. It is probably around the same time most of the days. Probably when your brain starts missing the high from the carbs or sweets that you are not getting because of the changes. Try not to react too quick to being starving and take the time to figure out if maybe you are bored or just thirsty. Take little steps toward a healthier you and don't stop eating or skip meals. Your metabolism needs adjustment and this process takes time.
  10. i didn't know there was one! thank you i will definitely go check it out :biggrin:

    and thank you everyone for all your advice it is much appreciated
  11. Agree with everything said already, it's so important not to take an extreme approach. Little changes will pay off eventually! :smile:

    I would also add - although portion control is definitely important when it comes to anything starchy, don't be afraid to increase your portion size for things like salads, particularly if you're not feeling full enough.

    Add in another (lean) chicken breast, a couple of extra handfuls of greens, or half an avocado - even though they won't amount to many additional calories, the added protein, fibre and fat from these foods will help to keep you satisfied until dinner time rolls around.
  12. Thank you for starting this thread. I'm just like you, very high metabolism and I feel its going down the older I get.
  13. I was 7.2 stone for most of my life until I hit my late forties , could eat anything in any quantity, never put on weight... I then started gaining in my forties and ŵent up to 9 stone, which was heavy for me as I am petite..
    I started doing the Atkins diet and the weight fell off me and now 8 years later I have stabilised at 7.5 stone...
    I find that the minute I eat any carbs, bread, potatoes, cakes etc my weight rises immediately ... I tend to eat say a beautiful steak with salad, including tomatoes, cucumber,celery , with an olive oil, vinegar dressing, which is very filling... Similar meals to this, protein with salad or veg, no carbs... I have a pretty bowl filled with walnuts in the kitchen which I snack on , instead of reaching for the cakes... Also a bowl of boiled eggs, and salsa (cut up into small squares, tomatoes, cucumber, celery, onions, spring onions, dress with olive oil, malt vinegar and salt ) which again I snack on or use as a main meal...
    Also I eat full fat, not low or zero fat, food... Our bodies need fat and if we don't feed this to ourselves our body will hold onto its fat reserves,as it thinks there's a shortage..!!
  14. When I started eating healthy, I looked for ways in which I could eat my favorite dishes in a healthy way. For example, I started eating zucchini spaghetti instead of regular spaghetti, as well as healthy banana pancakes made with oats instead of flour. I don't eat bread at all, only if it's dark rye bread, also I do not eat rice and regular pasta. Personally it just does not make me feel good. If you look up recipes, e.g. paleo-recipes, you'll find plenty of delicious and healthy food made with veggies and meat. Whenever you feel like eating something sweet, eat almonds or frozen berries. At least that helps my cravings. Good luck!
  15. Great blog! Starting out with smaller changes leads to big changes!