eating healthy during the day then pigging out at night! GRRRR

  1. ive been trying to eat healthier lately, not like a strict diet but just trying to eat healthy food instead of junk. why is this so impossible for me??? i do great all day, in the morning i eat scrabbled eggs and a peice of whole wheat toast, then at work i bring veggies and dip to snack on all day. but when i get home and look in the fridge ill grab the most unhealthy/fattening meal ever! i think part of the problem is that im young and still live with my parents who arent the healthiest eaters either so theirs always fattening foods around the house making it harder. i always just say to myself "ill eat better tomorrow" but it never happens. im getting really frustrated, id love to loose atleast 10 pounds by summer, but at this rate im going nowhere fast.

    does anyone else have this problem?
  2. My bf has the same problem with you. I think it is because of stress from work. How about fill yourself up with smoothie or veggie juice plus psylliam husk and ground flaxseed for dinner? You also should add some lean protein such as chicken with no skin in your lunch. Don't deprive your body too much.
  3. I have a similar problem...i eat healthy but when its nite time i'll snack like crazy. I think the problem is having the unhealthy food around u at home, At work i couldnt snack because i had nothing to snack on. And so i finally cleaned out my rid of eevrything bad (like chips and candy) and replaced it with healthy foods. Ok i didnt completely get rid of the bad foods...i just hid some in the way its like a suprise when i find it.
  4. I have this tendency too. My secret to combating this is to have a very low carb breakfast and low carb lunch. So, I would have eggs but not the toast for breakfast, and I would check the carb content of the veggie dip you are using. It's possible the carbs are high and that could be triggering you to be more hungry later.

    And, at dinner, I try to finish in an hour. Meaning, once that hour is done, no more eating. From what I have heard that is about enough time for your body to feel 'full.' if you keep going past that you may be eating too much.

    I've posted about this before, but I am a firm believer in The Carbohydrate Addicts diet, which was developed by a husband and wife doctor team.

    I love their eating plans b/c I am not depriving myself of any foods I love. Rather, the time of day I eat them makes all the difference!
  5. If you are only eating eggs, toast, veggies & dip in an 8 hour period, I don’t think you aren’t eating enough. This may be causing you to binge at night. I am (was) the same way. I can control my eating while at work very easily but once I am home it’s too easy to slip.

    I found if I eat more during the day, I will eat less at night. I usually eat breakfast, a snack, a decent lunch and then another snack before I go home and eat dinner. Dinner sometimes is my smallest meal. Sometimes I eat a large breakfast or a large lunch. I switch them up because I heard it might trick your metabolism. I always eat a decent breakfast, lunch and dinner though. Veggies and dip is a snack inbetween!

    Definitely make sure you are getting enough food to eat each day though because if you skimp, it will lead to binging or no weight loss at all.

    Good luck!
  6. brush your teeth after you eat.... seriously, it helps with the snacking! But I agree make sure you are eating enough food and spreading it out evenly...
  7. it should be the other way around, eat the junk during the day. that way when your running around and what not your burning some of those calories and fat. then at night have your veggies and whatnot
  8. omg i was just about to start the same thread!!!
    i am so pissed at myself.. i have the same problem!
    During the day ill have like 1 meal and at night i piggg out
    i dont know how to stop it
  9. I have that problem too, but it is due to the environment. I spend from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. at work. I never bring any snacks/food/candy (except for sugarless gum) to my office. The only food I eat is going out to eat lunch. Other than that my whole morning and part of noon is eating healthy. When I come home, my appetite changes. I will constantly open up the fridge & pantry and eat until I get ready for bed. It's sad, but I prefer going to work than staying at home to maintain my diet, hehehe.
  10. I had this problem as well... I pig out after I get home from work. Whats helped is knowing what foods are trigger foods and keeping them out of the house. When I come home.. I have a protein chocolate bar waiting for me.. that I eat and chew very slowly & savor every last crumb of it...:push:... along with a liter of carbonated no cal, no carb fruit beverage. (The carbonation gets yah feeling fuller) It's helped out a lot...and holds me over till dinner time.

    Keep some natural dry almonds and beef jerky in the house (healthier snack!)
  11. my problem is boredom ...
    and not eating becuase I'm hungry.

    even if I don't have it in the house. I'll drive and get something -- ugh!
    I'm gonna change me evil ways!
  12. Yeh, I have that same problem sometimes. Like today - skim latte for breakfast, soup and salad for lunch, green tea in the afternoon for a snack ... and then ... bam! I feel like I haven't eaten in days. I went to McDonalds for chicken nuggets and fries. :shame:

    I tend to do better if I plan every meal and snack throughout the day.
  13. I definitely agree here. You need to eat more during the day. Try having a turkey sandwich(no mayo, or cheese. just mustard, lettuce, tomato) on wholegrain bread for lunch, with the veggies on the side. OR tuna fish, again no mayo, or as someone else already suggested, skinless chicken. It looks like you are not getting enough protein. Veggies are a snack, not a meal. You may also want to re-consider the scrambled eggs every day since egg yolks are so high in cholesterol. Either just have the egg whites, or switch to one of those egg subsitutes. One regular egg a week won't kill you however.

    Before you eat breakfast, try exercising for 30minutes. Just go for a walk. You want to rev up your metabolism in the morning, so it will stay at a faster rate all day.
  14. for both of you, as others have said, it sounds like the culprit is the fact that you're simply eating too little during the day. your body is hungry when you get home, so of course it's going to make you want to pig out! it's begging for sustenance.
  15. thanks for the advise everyone, i was actually away for a few days thats why i diddnt post anything for a while, i guess its kinda just a habbit to come home from work and open the fridge. im gonna start eating bigger breakfasts and bring lots of healthy food for lunch then a smaller dinner. ill see how it works, im kinda mad at myself not even 1 week into my new years resolution and i cant stick to it. but i guess ill just keep trying..... lol