Eating Cheese Before Bed Gives You Funky Dreams!

  1. Does anyone else have funky dreams if they eat cheese at night? Both my husband and I do. Anyway, last night I ate cheese and this is what I ended up with in the dream department...................

    I was chosen by Miss Tyra herself to be the new host of ANTM. I really only own one nice dress and every night I wore the same one. Anyway, ANTM was held in a school gymnasium and I stood behind a podium on the stage (there were about a dozen people in the audience) and waffled on about the girls (I had to ad-lib as I couldn't read the teleprompter). I seriously sucked at it but Miss Tyra was really supportive, telling me I was doing a great job. Anyhoo, a school bus pulled up (in the gym) and the driver yelled something at me and then dumped a bucket of baked beans over my head. Miss Jay shimmied past and muttered something about me being an amateur.

    Next thing I know, I'm all cleaned up and on a plane to New Zealand with Aaallabama to meet some friends. I was sitting there talking to Aaall and picking baked beans out of my hair and casually flicking them over the seat.

    It was just weird......really, really weird.

    So, no cheese before bed. Anyone else had some funky dreams lately?
  2. LOL that's hilarious!

    I had a dream a while ago about someone in the purse forum...but now I forget who, and it was nobody who I have seen an actual picture of.

    I have heard about this cheese before bed thing though...
  3. I had cheese before bed too and had some weird dreams, but my dreams are always weird.
  4. I always have weird dreams regardless... I don't recall ever eating cheese before bed, but I should try it to see how much weirder my dreams can possibly get. :nuts:
  5. Your dream is funny and awesome at the same time! LOL!
  6. i'm going to try that just for the weird dream experience, i love weird dreams! you remembered your dream very well, btw. sometimes dreams are really clear to me, other times i don't even remember them.
  7. LOL...I don't know about funky dreams but it could give you a funky smelling room!! :lol:
  8. I didn't dream this eating cheese, but I was feeling a little sick . . . .

    I dreamt that Megs and Vlad are brother and sister.

    I don't know what it means, I can't remember the rest, but that's all I remember dreaming.
  9. HAHA, thats cute!
  10. I woke up going, "Whaaaat?"
  11. Haha! That's so funny! Dreams are always weirder when people are sick!

    Anyway, I also heard that if you eat cheese before sleeping, less bacteria destroy your teeth than if you didn't eat cheese (excluding, of course, brushing your teeth!) :shrugs:
  12. I always have weird dreams, cheese or no
  13. I have weird dreams regardless, but I did notice that eating food before bed in general increases my likelihood of having a bizarre dream. It doesn't have to be any particular food either.