Eating after a certain time?

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  1. I count my calories daily and on most days I do not exceed 1500cals (as recommended). Im out pretty much all day until 4pm. I eat a light breakfast and lunch, however most of my calories are later on in the day. Is it harmfull to eat after a certain 7pm? Has anyone noticed a weight change in cutting out calories past a certain time? Thanks in advance:smile:
  2. my trainer tells me not to eat after 8pm because then you go to sleep around 10/11pm and your body converts some of the cals to sugar/fat or something like that. its better to space out your 5 meals throughout the day. my dinner is usually around 300/400 cals max. i eat about 1400 a day.
  3. No, it's a myth that you'll gain weight if you eat after a certain time. Your body processes food the same way always and will do this no matter what the time. I would suggest not eating within an hour or two of sleeping though simply because you body is digesting and sleeping while digesting can cause indigestion or heartburn.

    People usually say not to eat past a certain time just to avoid late night munching as a lot of people do this. But it is a myth that your body will not digest it or will process it as fat. So if later in the day is the only time you can eat, then you are fine as long as you are still within your calorie allotment.
  4. Oh no, already I have two conflicting views :sad: lol
  5. ^^thank you for your help :smile:. I didn't think it would matter when you ate, but doesn't your matobalism slow down at night.. Or after 7? That's my main concern
  6. No your body has no way of judging time and slowing down, nor would it have any reason to. Your metabolism should be the same throughout and if anything may be revved up at night because you can burn up to 700 kcal from sleeping alone.

    In fact, it can be detrimental to not eat for too long before sleeping. Your body goes into a fasting mode when sleeping or not eating too long because it is not getting any food. When your body is fasting or in starvation mode, it feeds on your muscles. While this can make it appear as if you lost weight on the scale, you will end up losing any definition you have and looking flabbier. This is why a lot of body builders actually eat protein right before falling asleep so their body doesn't feed on their muscles while sleeping.
  7. Wow, you've made a lot of sense. Thanks for your info. You too ambicion6 :smile:
  8. no worries! i think cassy is right. i used to snack alot at night and it wasnt healthy snacking so i need to set the no food after 8 deadline to keep me from being bad :P
  9. Thanks for this thread! I was literally just talking about this as I was late coming home and late working out and hence ate later in the evening tonight (7:45pm) when I usually eat around 6:30pm. I was worried about this "myth" too.
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    exactly- also it really doesn't matter when you eat at long as you space out your meals to keep you metabolism working and eat enough overall

    also just out of curiosity, do you mind if I ask who recommended you eat 1500 calories a day?
  11. i usually try about not eat anything 1 hour before i go to bed, also keep your after dinner snacks to a max of about 300 cal in total...that usually is plenty for most people....
  12. i have heard from a dietition that we shud take a small meal right after 2.5 hours... that does n't mean u start to eat junk...
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    The trainer I talk to at the gym from time to time. She said all women should consume 1500 in a day. Is that too little/too much?
  14. if your working out most days too little in my opinion, everyones different though (but a lot of trainers really don't have the best nutrtional advice/real knowledge base)- I lose weight on 1700-1800, and probably average around 2000-2200 with one or two days a week that end up way over that from drinking/eating out and I maintain a healthy (but not stick thin) weight.