Easy way to turn a keyfob into a charm...

  1. I went to the pet store and bought a cat leash. They are very small. I cut the leash clip off the leash and put in on the key ring like a key. It works perfectly and is just the right size...
  2. Godo idea . I have seen some keychain that I would rather have as charms , maybe I will do that
  3. better yet, someone posted on here that you can buy those clips at Michael's or a craft store. :tup:

    I'm getting my skull this week!!!!
  4. Or buy them off silver_coach on eBay! I turn most of my keyfobs into charms except for a few metal/enamel ones that I actually use on my keys! Or you can use the ball chain dealies to hang the keyfobs off your handbag.
  5. Ooh good idea for a diy fix. I wished that I had more options for how to put my lion keyfob on my carly, and you gave me an idea! Thanks!
  6. WOW! GREAT idea! Thank you so much!
  7. Craft stores sell these really cheap. I have been doing this with my keyfobs for awhile now...works great!
  8. What a great idea, thanks!!!
  9. The ones at my Michael's didn't have the swivel part, they were just stationary. They also looked more like lobster claw clasps instead of the dog leash clip.

    The ones on eBay were more expensive once you paid shipping, the leash was only like $4.
  10. My husband also bought me some at our local tractor supply store. The Michael's in my area had the correct ones also.
  11. OMG, great idea! Thanks!
  12. great idea, i'm going to run to the craft store and see if I can buy a package of them.
  13. Great idea! I'll be headed to Michaels's to check these out.
  14. You girls speaking of Michael's makes me so jealous!! I went to one when I visited my best friend in Fort Stewart, GA... I loooooooooooooooooooved it!! I was only able to spend about 15 minutes in one because we were in a rush, but I bought cute foam letter stickers with star cutouts there that we don't have here...

    And that's a great idea to turn a keyfob into a charm!! I keep seeing girls on here refer to that e-Bay store but I don't like the look of the lobster claw clasps they sell!!
  15. I don't know about anyone else, but I have noticed that the dogleash doesn't fit the hardware of all of my bags (I clip from the hardware since I don't like to hang things from the hangtag). For example, I've noticed that none of my charms with the dogleash clip fits any of the hardware on my Carly. So as an alternative, I've been using binder rings. These things are great for when the dogleash doesn't fit the hardware or if want to use your keyfob as a charm in a snap. You can find these at any place that sells school/office supplies. You typically get 6 for about $2.