Easy up-do's you can do at home

Dec 12, 2006
I'm going to be attending a couple formal Christmas work parties and I know alot of the people attending will be getting their hair done but, I'd rather do it myself. Does anyone have any suggestions for easy-updos that I can do at home? I haven't decided if I want to do half-up or all up. I've found pictures but no instructions so instructions would be really helpful. Thanks.

Sonic Peaches

Never Duplicated
Nov 30, 2006
For a simple bun, all you need is hairspray (strong hold spray if your hair is thick, light aerosol if it is thinner), a hairband (try to get one in your haircolor), and bobby pins (also try to get some close to your haircolor). Put hair in ponytail, making it as tight or as loose as you want. For a tighter bun, dampen hair slightly first then pull into pony tail. Twist pony tail like a rope, then coil into a ball around the pony tail base, covering the base and the rubber band completely. Let the coil ball relax slightly in your hand to 'expand' the size of the bun. Take the end of the pony tail and tuck it beneath the bun. The end tucking point is where you will start putting your bobby pins. Point bobby pins 'inward' towards the center of the bun, tucking hair around the edge of the bun and catching onto the hair that is closest to your scalp. Make your way around the bun with the pins. Finish with a light spritz of hairspray.

For a french twist, you will need bobby pins, hairspray, and a claw clip. Grab hair in a low ponytail, and twist it around like a rope, all the way to the end. Pull 'rope' of hair up towards the top of your head, and tuck end into top of twist. If your hair is longer, you may have to put more of the end into the 'roll' of the twist, in some cases tucking almost half of the twisted hair back down behind the lower part of the twist. If you need to, use the claw clip at the top of the twist to 'hold' the hair as you tuck bobby pins into the twist (using the pins to grab hair from the roll and hair closest to your scalp as you push them in). Unclip the claw clip and finish tucking and pinning your hair. Finish with hairspray.

For more bling, some malls have carts where they sell some crystal tipped hairpins that are great for a french twist.

Hope this helps!

Also wanted to add-- try clip in ponytails and extention pieces for length, volume or a different hairstyle- just make sure that you get one closest to your haircolor and try to see what it looks like photographed. Nothing is more tacky than having cute hair, but in a photo you look like you robbed Barbie of her plastic hair (i.e. overly glossy, the wrong shade, looks like an animal has nested on your head).