Easy listening music/Jazz?

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  1. I really want some music to relax to. Can anyone recommend any singers/artists from these genres? I really love Michael Bublé so anyone like him? Also any jazz artists you love? It can be with no vocals. I really like the music in the 2 final SATC episodes when Carrie is in Paris so any french music also! Thanks girls! (& guys) :heart: I hope I posted this in the right place!
  2. Don't know anything about jazz but can highly recommend Air, Royksopp and Zero 7 for relaxing music. I always listen to Air when I have a night flight as I find it soothing and relaxing
  3. I like Michael Buble's music too- maybe try Jamie Cullum, his music is less swing, but still really good (He's one of my favourites!). Some of Norah Jones' stuff is good too, as is Diana Krall- she's an amazing musician. One thing I did when I started getting into jazz was buy compilation albums with lots of different classic jazz artists, then work out which ones I really liked- I discovered I liked Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald, and a bunch of others!
  4. I was going to say Norah Jones as well. mooks is right about the downtempo, it's pretty relaxing. I'd suggest thievery corporation from this category. One of my other favorite genres of easy listening music is bossa nova. I'd suggest bebel gilberto as starter.
  5. Yanni. Puts me right to sleep.
    Victoria's Secret put out this CD awhile back and I highly recommend it. Great music for bubble baths and imagining and relaxing....
    Heavenly - Music for Angels
    by Victoria's Secret

    As for Jazz, I'd recommend Nina Simone, Billy Holiday, and Ella Fitzgerald. Can't go wrong with them.
  6. Corrine Bailey Rae and Ella, Nina, Billy (the female jazzy/vocal requisites) along with Norah Jones are in that Jazzy realm. I'll second the suggestion of royksopp. For reference, they do the song playing the background of the Geico commercial...the one with the caveman in the Airport on the moving walkway. Also Air and Zero 7..very light, with a hint of electronics. If you go that route, St Ettiene and Of Montreal too.
    For the French sound, go with Edith Piaf and/or the soundtrack to Amelie.