easy in and out of birkin and kelly

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  1. Can you experienced Hermes folks answer this:

    I am considering a birkin or kelly, and I've heard the issues regarding how difficult it is to go into and out of the bags with ease.

    Never laying on my hands on one, just going by the photos,
    could you keep the strap latched, and when you go to close the bag, pull the flap OVER the strap, and lock it??

    seems like this would be an easy fix without all the fuss.

    thanks !
  2. Yes, you can do this on either bag, but it restricts the room to enter the bag. Every time I try this, I get pissed and undo the straps and let them fly free. But then again, I'm a slouchy Birkin and Kelly lover (at the moment!!), so I don't mind them looking a little "slutty". I only close my Birkins when I am flying.

    As for the Kellies, I just close it with the turnlock and not usually worry about the straps. I love this look and imagine that I look a little like Sylvie when I wear my Kelly in this fashion :nuts::


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  3. Thanks, Oregonfan! I think I get it. So, when the straps are locked, they are in the "tightest" position.
    What size is the bag in this pic?

    I fell in love with Ms. Kelly when I saw her on Gwenyth Paltrow's shoulder in "A Perfect Murder". It is only now that I have the means to obtain her.

    Since it will be my first H, any thoughts as to which I may like more, Kelly or Birkin?
  4. That's a 40cm. Another important fact is it is "retourne", which means the seams are on the inside, making the bag have a softer, slouchier look. The other kind of Kelly is "sellier" (used to be known as "rigide"), which has the seams on the outside, for a more formal look.

    Here is Sylvie with the same bag (btw, 40cms are hard to find on the shelf, most likely a special order):


    Here is an example of "sellier" (rigid) in 35cm (easier to find on shelves), courtesy of our sweet Angel (the queen of H crocs!):

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  5. That Kelly looks like a size 40. If you prefer a bag with a shoulder strap, Kelly is a good option. Birkin is strictly handheld. Its just a matter of personal taste I guess. I love em both but do love Kelly more. That's why I have more Kelly than Birkin bags. They come in great size choices too.
  6. As for which you would prefer, that's a tough one. The only real way to know is to try them on, which can be a challenge for some. Easier is if you have a friend with Hermes, or make friends here!

    I used to think that the Birkin was the only bag for me. I love it. I have several! But I have also grown to appreciate other H bags, including the Kelly. At the moment, I have one 32cm retourne and two 35cm retourne with the 35s being my preferred size (although I need to get a 40cm!) I also appreciate the shoulder strap for it's functionality and added interest in the look of the bag.

    Birkins, while fabulous, can get heavy (especially in the 35's and up). They are a tote and you can fill them up! Also depends on what it's made of. There are many variables.

    This sub-forum is a wealth of information. Dive in and you'll find many discussions on this very topic!! Welcome!!
  7. I like my Kelly straps closed on the turn key. I close the flap over and turn to the locked position. It is very easy to get in and out with one hand. I don't like the look of the Kelly straps "reaching" as I can't stand to be reminded of those Kelly Idoles? They look like Gumby and Pokey or some other children's character.
  8. The photos convinced me..... I must be a Kelly girl, because I like my bag closed when I'm out in public.....I'm too worried my wallet will fall out or get stolen.
    Seems like a lot of Birkin owners walk around with the bag open.

    My little sis and I were discussing this very topic today. She had been out shopping with a friend who has a Birkin. They went to Starbucks, and my sis said, "It took her, like, 5 minutes to pay because of opening and closing her bag!" :rolleyes:
  9. Great thread!!!
    Birkins are easy to get into if you leave them open. Kelly bags are best worn closed, and are surprisingly easy to get in and out. During the Christmas holidays Kelly was my bag of choice to carry. I used the shoulder strap, and I placed it on counters to access the contents inside which only took a few seconds.
  10. thanks sixx, one thing you can do for your wallet with a Birkin for added security without closing her up all the way is to zip it up in the back inside pocket! :idea:
  12. [​IMG]

    A word of caution thou, do not use your kelly daily like this, especially for such a huge size one. (A little while daily is ok, just not all the time.) The straps are meant to be strapped up. Hermes bags, although are built to be very sturdy, cannot take this kind of punishment on a daily basis. You can see the physics is not totally correct when the straps are not strapped up. We have heard of people's turnlocks becoming loose. Be careful!
  13. She is Sylvie Van der Vaart, a Swedish footballer's wife (if I recall correctly) and model (for Hermes sometimes). Her bag is orange. Not sure on the leather but my guess is togo as I can see typical bumpiness when I zoom in. Pictures are courtesy of the contributors to Stars and Hermes thread.

  14. Thank you for that info. I was guessing togo too. I just LOVE it and of course would be careful of overstuffing. I have a sellier, but after reading your comments on the retourne and seeing this one..I'm just crazy for it:yahoo:. I love my birkin but I'm a kelly girl all the way:woohoo: