Easy HOMEMADE Broccoli Soup...YUMMY

  1. I tried this easy recipe this past weekend. It was cold, raining and just a soup kinda day. If you like cream of broccoli soup..you should give it a try...its so good!

    2c of broccoli floweretts
    1 small onion diced
    2 stalks of celery chopped
    2c chicken stock
    2tbsp flour
    2tbsp butter
    1c half n half, cream or milk
    Salt and pepper to taste

    steam broccoli, onion and celery until tender.

    Melt butter and add flour. Cook for 1 minute stirring continuously. Add chicken stock and stir continuously until comes to boil. Reduce heat and let simmer. Add salt and pepper to taste.

    If you do not like chunky soup, puree broccoli, onion and celery then add to chicken stock. Heat for 3 minutes then add milk (cream or half n half which ever).

    Heat throughly and serve immediately.

    It is soooo delicious. I also added 2c of shredded cheddar cheese which made it all the more better. Served it with a loaf of multi grain bread. Got great reviews.
  2. that sounds delicious! I have never made soup before but this looks easy! thanks for sharing!
  3. I LOVE broccoli soup! Thanks for the recipe.
  4. Your recipe DOES sound good!

    I keep a bag of broccoli flowerettes in the freezer. So handy to grab a handful or two and add to soup, frozen potstickers, frozen ravioli.

    I think your recipe would also work as a baked side dish with the cheese added and only 1/2c chicken stock.

    Thanks for the post!
  5. Sounds good!
  6. That sounds very very yummy. I love creamy soups - I think I'll be trying this one out soon. Thanks!
  7. I tried this one today...it's really yummy! Thank you!
  8. Mmmmm...sounds tasty!! And so simple maybe even I can make it....

    Thanks for sharing!!!
  9. I tried this. It's really good.