Easy CRUNCHY Mini Spring Rolls! **PICS**

  1. No, not egg rolls! :smile:

    There are many variations to this, I like to use the ingredients for the Thai/Vietnamese spring rolls,
    but really like the cute shape of the Filipino lumpia. All very basic- meat wrapped and deep fried.

    Thai/Vietnamese like to use ****ake/dried mushrooms, fish sauce, carrots, garlic, onion, eggs,
    dried fungus, mushrooms, msg, sugar.. (yummy!)

    Filipino lumpia adds, egg, carrots, garlic, onion, msg, salt and sometimes raisins.

    I do those if I have them at hand in the pantry but today- I was TOO LAZY TO GO OUT IN THE RAIN!
    So I just used what I had and it's such a great dish if you want a recipe of convenience!

    I DON'T use egg to bind the meat, or seal the wrap because it muddies up the oil, and adds extra calories.
    I like to use just a tsp. of starch: It tenderizes the meat, binds and adds moisture like used for shu mai or dumplings.

    I used: (Sorry, I have no measurements as usual, I always eyeball stuff)

    -Spring roll wrapper (not the large wonton because that bubbles up and would be the wrong texture)
    -ground beef
    -chopped onion, LOTS of chopped garlic
    -fish sauce or soy (I used half and half)
    -fresh ground black pepper
    -1 tsp. starch, 3 tsp water (for meat)
    -flour/water for seal

    Wrap; use water and flour to seal
    Cut in fours, great to freeze and serve for later!!!
  2. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    As with everything I post, the key is to have lots of fun and experiment
    until you achieve what's best for your taste buds, and substitute ingredients
    most convenient for you!
    I'm not gonna say how kick *ss this tastes, cause anything deep fried,
    well, is BAD! And bad is always- GOOD! Hhehe!
    Oh yeah, dipping sauce..we use Ketchup or the sweet chili sauce!
    (or sometimes sweet chili fish sauce)
    OKAY, I"M OFF TO SHOP NOW SO I CAN BURN all 10,000 calories I just ATE!!!
  3. They look yummy but I am NOT going to try this because I will just eat it all by myself.
  4. Wow! Those look amazing! I love spring rolls! They are so versatile, you can fill them up with just about anything!

  5. looks so good! i think i am going to go out and have some of these today.
  6. Oh I've had those...they are good.
  7. Yummy that looks de-licious!. i think im going to make some sometime tihs week
  8. They look yummy!
  9. Your posts are great! YUMMY!:p:p
  10. whats the difference with an egg roll and a spring roll?? i thought eggs rolls were deep fried, and spring rolls were made with a translucent rice paper and not fried. i have a feeling im wrong. ahaha!!
  11. SP, I make the Filipino version and we call it shang-hai lumpia. These are also really good, yum yum.
  12. Looks like another fantastic recipe!!! Thanks Simpleplan!
  13. I noticed that you don't wrap the sides. Won't the meat fall out?
  14. ^^ no its pretty tightly sealed, and the oil makes it all stick together.
  15. Those look delicious!!! :drool: