Easy Caviar - when in season?

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  1. Hi all - ive been a buyer of chanel bags for some time now - but only the classic flaps/woc/gst. I have just come across the easy flap! And i want!!!! Can anyone tell me if its in season? Have i missed the boat or will it come out in the next few seasons. Thanks so much xxx
  2. I am not sure if it comes back next season but I did notice it comes in fall winter season with most bags.
  3. you missed it. it came out in november/december. my SA said it might come back sometime in June or July. I love it too and have it, its a GREAT bag! Good luck and i hope you find it soon.
  4. Yes. It's back this season for black and beige color. It comes in two sizes. You may check with your SA to see if they have in stock cause they sold out fast.
  5. Oh darn!! I missed the Easy Caviar boat too!! :pout: If any one has any further intell, please do share, this has now moved into #1 on my hit list and so mad at myself that I did not know about last November!!