Easy canape with caviar - great for parties

  1. Now that the weather is finally warm, I wanted to share one my favorite super-easy canape (hor d' oeuvre) recipes.

    Melba toast, plain
    Lemon juice
    Plain yoghurt
    Caviar (fish roe)
    Optional: Fresh dill

    Caviar notes
    I like salmon roe, tobiko, or beluga. You can get inexpensive good quality roe at fish stores selling fish for sushi.
    Don't use the cheap stuff. It is yucky salty.
    If using beluga, get the high quality expensive stuff or skip it.
    I can get enough sushi-quality salmon roe or tobiko for 2 dozen canapes for $4 at my local fish store.

    On each slice of melba toast sprinkle 1 teaspoon or less lemon juice.
    Add 1 teaspoon plain yoghurt
    Add 1 teaspoon or less caviar
    Optional: sprinkle a little fresh dill

    I like to make several canapes and have with salad for dinner when the weather is hot. Very refreshing.