Easy bag swapping? What do you do?

  1. As a busy Mum,I thought I would share a change over trick that I find very useful,you may all already have some sort of strategy in place, but I got so sick of 'dammit its in my other bag' routine seriously used to get on my husbands nerves as well(despite the fact I'm the one that lugs everything about!)
    I went into T K Max and bought two or three make-up bags(cheap) of varying sizes that I can literally throw from one bag to the other without forgetting anything.
    1-small bag, headache pills(invaluable when you have a noisy full throttle toddler!) safety pins,tiny sewing kit,pen,bits of note paper,blister plasters etc.
    2- small bag,make-up even though I really don't get chance to wear much at the mo!
    3- large make up bag with two nappies,cream,wipes,spare dummies,sachets of Calpol!
    This works for me and saves me having to buy stuff when I'm out, does anyone else have any little tricks and time savers? Would be good to share these things,after all if it means you can use different Mulberrys more often and easily its got to be good!!!!!!!
  2. Hi- My strategy is to leave the kids at come and run with mulberry out of the door as quick as possible :party:
  3. Hahahahaha!!!!! I love it!!!! great tip!!xxxxxxxxxxx
  4. mmmmmmmmmmmm crap thread,but I was hoping to steal a few ideas from others,so if you do any different to the above it might be handy,if not please ask an administrator to remove this rubbish thread!xxxxxxxxxxx
  5. I seem to have different bags for different purposes and then just swap the essentials (ie wallet and phone) from bag to bag! ie I have a longchamp that I keep some nappies/ wipes in so if I'm out with littlun just throw my wallet in there and go. i have a seperate work bag with agenda etc in it! For all those little bits that need transfering from bag to bag ( lip balm, pen, nurofen, mini pen knife and maglight etc etc) i use a radley pencil case!
    Anything that makes a busy mum's life easier has got be a good thing. My friends think I'm mad but at night my 3 boys ( twins age 5 and a 3yr old) go to bed in clean t-shirts or tops then following morning all I need to do is get their trousers and socks on and we're sorted! Maybe I'm just lazy!
  6. FANTASTIC!!!!I am so glad you said that,when I put Sophie to bed its always in a clean body suit and sleep suit,and then just strip off her sleepsuit and get her dressed in the morning,maybe its a bit of a sanity survival mechanism,I spend all of my days running round after her, anything that saves time and drama is a bloody winner as far as I'm concerned! And btw no way have you got three kids 5 and under with your figure!! Great jacket too! XXX
  7. Thanks for the compliment! ( M&S shapewear works wonders!!!!):shame:
  8. As my boys are 12 and 6 I've swapped the lugging nappies around bit for lugging GameBoys and roller hockey stuff around!
    I swap bags a lot - often several times a week - and I've got it down to a fine art. Out it all comes and gets dumped into the next bag.
    My biggest problem is that I'm often zooming off to meetings so I then have to carry a folder; notebook & organiser as well.
    I've discovered that the front pocket on the Phoebe is perfect for my mobile phone, no more scrabbling around desperately trying to locate it in the bottom of my bag when it rings.
  9. I have lost lots of items sunglasses receipts etc by leaving the odd thing in a bag when I swop them over only to find them sometimes months later when i use that bag again
    Verry irritating

  10. Mmmmm,that sort of thing is what got me started on this thread,I think the worst one was driving to our nearest Ikea to buy a small sofa,we are selling our house soon,we have a huge 3 seat sofa,but it dwarfs the living room and I thought it might put potential buyers off,so as the move is hopefully close I persuaded Andy that his beloved sprawling spot had to go and when we get to the new house we could have an even bigger one and it would only be for a bit anyway,and bloody hell he agreed,striking while the iron was hot I grabbed my bag,left him bathing Sophie(6.30pm) drove all the way there,got said sofa on a trolley,by myself,got to the till looked at my watch,great be home for just after 7.30 tea,bath,bed-brilliant.Person in front paid,sa scanned sofa,went to pay........................................no purse.I just can't put on here what I was saying to myself!!!!!!!!!!!! Its a 64 mile round trip.

    Anyway,got home,Andy duly took the p*ss,and I just got one on me and thought right you bugger,so I did it all again,with my purse this time! I was so naffed off in the Ikea car park I got the sofa in the back of my car by myself!!!!!!

    After finally getting home,sofa in,tea(cold) bath(short) and bed it was nearly 11.30pm!!
    And so this thread was born.................................................
  11. Well done Chaz a girl after my own heart.

    I too have done this but only found out that ld left my purse behind after l had filled up the car with petrol.! Oops a call to DH to bring my purse. I now go through the ritual of checking my bag for purse and telephone before l go out and also put other cash into bag pockets. When l change over my bags l am often in a hurry as l'm out the front door by 6.30 am. However, l never think to check the pockets again and 2 months ago l swapped over a bag and found in one of the pockets an envelope l had put there containing £200.00 to this day l still cannot remember putting that amount in it - l am also the same when it comes to paying for anything in the shops as l am in a hurry to put my purse away and put the change in my jacket pocket. So my bags are often little piggy banks:nuts:
  12. What a fantastic idea!!!! When I have stopped wasting money on petrol I'll be able to afford one! Seriously though what a good idea,and is this a bit spooky,but I used my Elgin today and the fact its unlined(and had put a post on Jackies thread about Mulberrys going up in price and with more expensive bags you get a lining etc) and wondered if Mulberry did a lining you could move from one bag to the next,and if they did'nt maybe someone could suggest to them doing their own? I'd buy one if they did!
    But I'll have a look into that link you sent,thank you very much(and from my poor tired out old Saab,she's done over a hundred and eleven thousand miles,no wonder really is it when her owners such an idiot!!)
  13. Great tip
  14. What an excellent idea, they would make great girlie gifts too! Beats tipping everything out onto the bed then frantically stuffing it all into the next bag.....which is what I do now :p