Easy access?? I think the rock and chain flap is really growing on me--

  1. I love my classic flap, but may look to something a little edgier for fall and was wondering if the rock and chain flap would be easier or more cumbersome to get in and out of?

    And--just to verify, the rock in chain does come in caviar, yes? Lambskin is too fragile for me!
  2. can u post a pic?
  3. Love that soft leather! I don't think it comes in caviar though.
  4. The rock and chain flap is GORGEOUS!

    If you want edgy, I think this bag is perfect!
  5. No caviar.... the the leather is a soft calfskin not lambskin. So I don't think it would be as delicate as you think. I think you should go for it.
  6. Soft calfskin? Hhmm--how soft is that? What is the cabas leather?
  7. which one actually looks better...the chanel rock and chain flap or the rock and chain hobo?? does any know how many styles the rock and chain comes in?
  8. Yes, calfskin. It's pretty soft.

    The cabas... Well the original is Caviar and I believe, but not positive the baby cabas is calfskin.
  9. is the picture of the rock and chain flap the smaller or larger bag??? i believe its $1975
  10. It's the larger at $1975. The smaller size is $1850.
  11. It doesn't come in caviar. It's only done in the softest lambskin imaginable. You will fall in love with it when you feel it!!
  12. All of the rock & chain's come in calfskin only. No lambskin. There is one flap style (2 sizes) and 2 different hobo styles. They come in black, white and red. Only Nordie's ordered the red.
  13. I think the rock and chain comes in the soft calfskin - which is the same as the soft and chain and the modern chain (there may be others also) - it is really soft - feels like lambskin, but is more durable. Beautiful!!!
  14. i think the soft material makes the design of this bag!! I think it wouldnt look half as good if it were stiff.