1. Do you have plans for Easter ?
    Do you celebrate Easter ?
  2. Of course! The Easter bunny is coming!! He brings lots of goodies to my 3 kiddos, who spend the rest of the day on a sugar high!
  3. haha nope!
    We have no kids and my parents live in different countries.
    This Easter the husbands mom is going away..which is fine, I'm not big on easter dinners.
  4. Absolutely! We celebrate Easter every year. I've been painting baskets-full of Easter eggs for as long as I can remember (since I was 4 years old). We spend quiet time with the family throughout the Easter weekend.
  5. Easter this year falls on the same weekend as my little sister's Bday, so we are definetly celebrating. Nothing big, just dinner with family and family friends.
  6. I have two littles ones, so, yes, the Easter bunny will be visiting us this year! My 3 year old daughter keeps getting Easter and Christmas confused and for some reason she thinks she has to hide everything from the Easter bunny. :smile: I was thinking of going to the Melting Pot for Easter brunch - does that sound strange? I heard on the radio that they were running a special for families. Anything to get out of cooking!
  7. I am not Christian, so Easter doesn't really hold significance for me. My parents, however, celebrate Easter. My bf and I will be going over to their house. My sister's birthday is the day after Easter this year, so we are celebrating both events. My mom wanted to do something a little unorthodox this year with regard to eating, so we are having a barbecue.
  8. I'll be going home to see family. We usually have an Easter egg hunt for my cousins, who are 5 and 3, barbecue, drink a lot and end up playing Trivial Pursuit :nuts:
  9. we usual have a a dinner , or go on a day trip somewhere , i think we are goin to AC again this year .....my son was just talking about painting easter eggs in the car this morning ...

    *reminder to self to make sure to get them *
  10. oooo I love easter - I get to see my family, watch the kids go easter egg hunting, drink some beer, eat some of my grandma's fantastic mexican food and dip into the kid's easter baskets for the good stuff - CHOCOLATE!!! I am really looking forward to easter!
  11. my parents are part of this organization with a bunch of people from their hometown in the philippines. so every year we have this big easter festival with games and food. the kids get a kick out of it. lots of fun for the family.
  12. I don't really celebrate Easter.. I do have plans to go home to LA to visit my bf and family though. Gosh I can't wait!!
  13. I'll be celebrating Pesach (Passover) starting with the first Seder on Wednesday night...
  14. 2 easter dinners in one day...one at my parent's house and one my bf's....so much food in one day
  15. I usually have the whole family over for Easter dinner. This year everyone is kind of doing their own thing.