Easter Sunday.. So.. what's open? (confused)

  1. I was wondering if any stores would be open tomorrow? I went to Macy's and Dillards website and noticed that some of the locations for those stores we're open while majority of them we're closed?

    Would it be a error on their behalf or is there a good chance that they are actually open? ^^;

    Any thoughts welcome. :biggrin:

  2. i know sears is supposed to be open, walmart supercenter, the movie theaters... this is all i know that is opened :p
  3. I think it depends by region, IMO. For example, on Good Friday we were open, but I know a lot of our offices in other parts of the company were closed.

    I'm sorry I don't have any more insight than that...it just seems to really vary by company and city you are in!

    Happy Easter!!
  4. I know a lot of stores are open but they have holiday hours. So they probably close earlier.
  5. Hmm...I know Walgreens nationwide are open..
  6. we're open.......im at work!!!
  7. where I live NOTHING is open....
  8. I am pretty sure Best Buy is open.Most restaurants are open. I know Target is closed.
  9. lol..only thing for us jews to do on EASTER is usually Movies and chinese food.Wish more malls were open,it would be nice to b able to go out shopping!
  10. starbucks is definitely open..and so is the law school library!
  11. ^^^ LOL that is crazy because i was about to post the same thing!!!

    damn sometimes i hate law school!! haha :smile:
  12. any malls open??LOL..Im bored!
  13. Let's go get some Chinese food, Jill!
  14. Wow...even our fabulous Bellevue Square is closed today! I'm a little surprised, as in general here on the west coast we're a little more informal with good friday/easter sunday/easter monday closing....meaning we have more businesses open than other parts of the country.

    I never knew this about our mall as for the past 15 or so years Easter for me has been doing music at church for the many back to back services we have and then all day with family. I took a sabbatical (g) from church and my folks are out of town this weekend, so this is the most unusual Easter for me in years!

    [BTW Jill I am only 1/8 a Jew...]

    I'm all for Chinese food, yum!! :tup:
  15. Ugh-this didn't even occur to me! All the restaurants in my neighborhood are open, i totally forgot about stores being closed. We had planned to go buy new kitchen chairs today (took the kid easter egg hunting earlier), but, after reading this thread, I called the store and no answer. :sad:

    BTW, JIll-you are Jewish? I remember seeing all those pictures of your Christmas trees!