Easter & H

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  1. Anyone wearing any H attire for Easter ?

    I can't decide which scarf - Les Piviones, Regina or Mr & Mrs (pink & black). My Chanel jacket has all the colors of all the scarves.

    Where I live this is probably my one opportunity to dress up this Spring !

    Well off to get ready for the main event ! :heart:
  2. I wish I could be helpful when it comes to choosing a scarf- but I don't know what both look like. Sorry, but I do want to wish you, and everyone who celebrates today, a very Happy Easter!:flowers:
  3. Happy Easter everyone!!!! Yes, I'll be wearing my "Les Poivoines" plisse in white/pink/green because it's so SPRINGY!!!!!! And it's Easter, after all......

    White T, linen trousers, linen jacket, Marine/Toile Kelly. And off we go........
  4. HL--I'm dressing up--need to leave in an hour....I read on one of my scarf boards that the pomegranate is actually symbolic of the Passion so I will be reaching for one of my Jardins d'Andalousie today which is laden with pomegranates! Any of those scarves sound lovely with your jacket! Thanks Jag!
  5. ooh everyones outfits sound so nice! no easter plans for me (for the first time ever since my stepmom had surgery and can't get around) but HAPPY EASTER TO ALL!
  6. Well I don't have a scarf on but did change to my mini plume which I decided to keep and I was so happy carrying it!! HL I love Mr/Mrs. so I would go with that!! Happy EAster everyone!
  7. I am going to take an H bag to the movies this afternoon... Happy Easter!
  8. It's cold here...so, my JPG is the only piece of Hermes that went to brunch.
  9. Happy Easter........I am wearing a twilly today!
  10. We spent Easter looking at Open Houses. I hope you all enjoyed your holiday.
  11. It was a Kelly day all the way.. handbag and watch
    my new wallet and belt.. we had a great day..
    Happy Easter
  12. my purse at the museum. :search: (<- sort of looks like a bunny when the teeth come out:p)
  13. Let's see, a scarf, birkin with cadena and duck key chain today.

    Happy Easter everyone!
  14. yep! wore my passementerie scarf with a black top and white eyelet skirt, and my navy vespa, fresh from her trip to the spa!
  15. Well, I wore a Chanel jacket (chilly today) over Habitual jeans, Manolo boots, BCBG Blouse w/ Hermes belt and Lumiere de Paris scarf in Blue/turquoise colorway. Topped off w/ Hermes bracelet and Hermes Birkin.